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Monsieur Bleu

After a quick power nap we were out for dinner. We hadn’t booked any restaurants before we arrived in Paris so this was a very last minute booking earlier that morning. After Googling ‘restaurants with a view of the Eiffel…


Visiting Versailles

A few miles outside the centre of Paris lies Versailles. In the 11th century it was just a small village but in the 17th century King Louis XIII began to transform Versailles from a small country residence into a hunting…


Surprise Picnic in Paris

Bonjour and welcome to the city of love. A place where no romantic gesture is too extravagant. Let me explain. For Mum’s birthday Dad and I surprised her with a trip of a lifetime. The plan was for them to…


Mum’s Birthday

This year Mum’s Birthday fell on Bank Holiday Monday. This was perfect. We all had the day off so it meant we could celebrate properly. We booked lunch at another one of our favourite restaurants, Tattu. It’s basically an oriental…