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Randall & Aubin

Haze and I were trying to get our steps in one beautiful Sunday afternoon (yes, here in Manchester *shock horror*) when we stumbled across Randall & Aubin. We peered inside to see a cool, little bit quirky, old school, traditional restaurant…


Live & Eat Pie

There is nothing better than a proper serving of pie and mash. Except for one soaked in gravy and topped with all the trimmings…mushy peas, cheddar cheese, crispy shallots. Umm umm, delicious. Us Northerners like our pies so it only seemed…


An Afternoon in Bruges

Breakfast in France, lunch in Belgium that’s one way to do it! After visiting Brussels earlier in the year we were very excited to spend the afternoon in Bruges. We’d been told it was the more beautiful of the two…


A Day At Sea

Boat day is always the best day. Even writing about it now I have a pang of sadness wishing we could be back there! This year we left it until the last day of our holiday, so it was a…


Le Pastis & Fireworks

So after cocktails Haze and I ended up going shopping, leaving us with about half an hour to get ready…sooo we were a little bit tight on time. Needless to say, Mum was less than impressed. Apparently I need to…


La Plage du Festival

Another day another beach. We thought it was about time we mixed things up & went somewhere other than Bâoli beach. Adventurous, I know!! After a bit of an eeny, meeny, miny, mo decision we settled on La Plage du…