Let me start off by saying sorry for the extremely long hiatus. I could list excuse after excuse as to why I’ve not got around to writing these posts. Moving to London, starting a new job, life in general just getting in the way blah, blah, blah, and as exciting as it’s all been lets save all that for another time.

For now, let me take you back in time to summer 2018 and allow me to welcome you to our first stop on our great summer adventure…Vancouver!!

After a surprisingly alright/I might even stretch and say comfortable 9 and a 1/2 hour flight we touched down in Canada. Ready to take in all things Canadian…maple syrup, ice hockey, poutine and genuinely nice people. Bumping into Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling also wouldn’t go a miss..

Hey, a girl can dream.

Anyway, in more important news, we survived flying on Friday 13th (!!) Determined to fight jet lag we knew we had to stay awake for as long as possible so dropped our bags in the appartment before going to a wander.

Before we go any further though, lets just address our home away from home for the next couple of days…


The decor was…ermm…eclectic (!?)/a taxidermists dream, complete with skulls, Samurai swords, fossils and yeah a lot of weird shit.


As odd as it was, we kind of liked it and settled in pretty quickly. It was right in the heart of Gastown which was the perfect location for sightseeing, bars and restaurants.

It was right above a really cool coffee shop, Millano’s, which did amazing matcha lattes (bloody millennials eh!)


Gastown was pretty. It kind of felt like you were in a toy town or on a movie set. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, it just did! Everything was clean, there were cobbled streets and the people were, as promised, very friendly.

For dinner on our first night we went to MeeT, a veggie restaurant which was amazing! So, so delicious. Whether you’re that way inclined or not, I’d definitely recommend it.

We sat at dinner looking like zombies. I think our waitress was genuinely a bit confused as we were all sat in silence…her being extra friendly ‘n’ all. With our excitement being completely overtaken by tiredness we couldn’t even bring ourselves to take photos (and that’s saying something), so we took ourselves home for a rock ‘n’ roll early night.

Also, I’m not sure if I should even admit thing you should know about this trip is that Love Island was still dominating the world, well the UK anyway. So even though we might have been in amazing new cities, having exciting new adventures on the other side of the world, the sound of a night in with Love Island still sounded as good as it ever. Yes, shocking I know, don’t judge.


Because of the jet lag we were up really early. We put it to good use and went exploring. We walked along the seafront to Stanley Park. The thing about Vancouver is that it all feels very clean. The air just feels fresh.

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We walked by the water and took it all in. The park is beautiful but it’s massive, so I’d definitely recommend hiring a bike and cycling round it. I mean, you can walk, like we did…it will just take you a lot longer.


Once you’re in the park there aren’t that many places to eat (so plan ahead). We found a little restaurant for lunch called the Tea House at the most Northern point of the park which was lovely.


We asked around for the best places to go out for food and drink and everyone said that Gastown was the place to go. A little mexican place called La Mezcaleria took our fancy. The food was incredible.

We had chips, guac and tacos all washed down with very strong Margaritas.

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Perched at the bar we got chatting to a great guy called Eric who worked there. He ensured our drinks had extra Mezcal which seemed to be a great idea at the time, really not so great the morning after.

LRG_DSC01357Processed with VSCO with al2 preset

Unsurprisingly there’s nothing a bit of fresh, Canadian air can’t fix. In a bid to cure our hangovers, the next morning, we headed over to Granville Island for a wander. The best way to get there is by boat (FYI boat’s aren’t great for hangovers, but we survived). Granville Island has an amazing market place with loads of little shops, food stalls, flower stalls and arts & crafts. It’s a great place to while away an afternoon.


So in all honesty we flew to Vancouver because the flights there were the cheapest, but it seemed like as good a place as any to start. Saying that..I really knew nothing about Vancouver and hadn’t done much research before hand, so just rocked up and hoped for the best.

We ended up not actually doing that much when we were in Vancouver. A lot of wandering around but to be honest I don’t feel like we really got to grips with the city. I’m not sure I’d rush back, however I can imagine living there – you would have an amazing outdoor lifestyle..something us Brits can only dream of.

One thing we learnt very early on into our trip was that it really would have been best having some inside knowledge. A local to show us around or something because otherwise a lot of the cities we visited were so big & spread out that they ended up being a bit overwhelming.

Anyway sorry for the slightly less than exciting first post. They get better, I promise!!

Just you wait for Seattle.



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