Our Great American Roadtrip

I’d say the one thing the girls and I love doing most is travelling (eating is a close contender), but we love to travel. This probably isn’t news to most people, but we love visiting new places, exploring and just seeing as much of the world as we possibly can. Being able to do it together has definitely one of the best things and knowing each other inside out is pretty handy when you jet away together for weeks on end.

After graduation we always wanted to do something pretty epic. We’ve done a lot of Europe so decided that we needed to go a bit further afield. Go big or go home right!?

So U, S of A here we come (well actually Canada first) but yeah..across the Atlantic we went.


To say we were excited would be the understatement of the year. We planned the route before hand and booked most things. To be honest, planning for this trip was a lot harder than any of the other trips we’ve been on. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on how we went about planning it. It might be useful for anyone thinking of doing the same kind of thing as us.

Anyway, I wrote a diary as I went around to make sure we didn’t forget anything. I wrote one when we went around Europe and I love reading it back. You don’t remember how much you forget (obviously – that’s a stupid statement, but you know what I mean). You forget so many little things and so many funny stories, so it’s nice to read them back.

If you follow me on Insta (shameless plug) then none of this will be new to you. I went a little crazy with all my holiday pictures so I’m sure I’ve already bored you all to death..

But never mind…here goes, my series of blog posts through which I hope I manage to capture all the beautiful places we visited, all the adventures, and all the fun we had along the way.

Hope you’re excited as Hazel…





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