Life Update

So we’re half way through the year and it appears that this little space has taken a bit of a backseat in my life.

For me to be able to write about something I have to have something worth writing about and the reality is that my life and been totally consumed by uni, work, gym, revision & exams. Forget this whole work-life balance thing people have got going on. I have had none of it. It has been 100% work – maybe not the best way to get your degree/I do NOT recommend it but in this case, it just had to be done. Anyway, I’m delighted to say, all the hard work has actually paid off (not that anyone had any doubts, right!?) and I got my degree.

So let me give you a little run down of my year so far..

Got a job down in London
Was very excited
England had nice weather for once
Went to the gym
Took a lot of exams
Passed said exams
Was an emotional wreck
Got a badge which said I was a Doctor
Couldn’t quite understand why I felt so underwhelmed
Went on holiday
Slept a lot
Felt more human
Realised that I’d passed my exams
Realised how lucky I am
Realised I’m actually going to move to London
(a lot of realising going on)
Got very excited/apprehensive
Went on holiday.

Yep you’re up to date.

Tomorrow I graduate from university with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery & trust me, it’s been a long time coming!

Time to put the champagne on ice.


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