Sunday Service

I’m  compiling a list of the best Sunday Roasts in Manchester but I thought this place deserved a special mention….and I’ve got pictures because I went recently.

Albert’s Schloss is good for a lot of things, drinks, dancing, live music and food.
It’s reallllly good for food.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & Sunday roasts. I’ve tried them all.

So let’s imagine it’s still my birthday weekend and it’s the day after the night before. We’ve slept off the hangovers and we’re in desperate need of an all curing, Sunday roast.


(Great picture quality Chez..)

We met up with the rest of the gang to continue the birthday celebrations.


After all, every girl knows that you can’t possibly celebrate your birthday for just one day!!


They say a photo says a thousand words..


Just my natural, demanding, ‘No! Not good enough. Please take another photo’ face. Fran giving me a rather disapproving side eye, and Haze…well just off guard.

Now I can speak on behalf on the veggie roast and it is one of the best ones in Manchester.


It’s a mushroom & butternut strudel.


With the biggest Yorkshire, roasties, veg and gravy (but always ask for extra gravy).

I’m pretty sure the beef roast is also a good’en.


I have it on very good authority.


Of course we had to order a couple of sides, the cauliflower cheese and the alpine sformato. Alpine sformato is baked truffled mashed potato infused with melting nuggets of alpine cheese. I mean, come on! Need I say more? It’s incredibly rich but incredibly delicious. If you ever go, promise me you’ll order it!?

I never have room for a dessert, which I’m always disappointed about. I have shamelessly stalked them on Insta and they look incredible, so one time we’ll come just for dessert.


One of the best things about Albert’s Schloss is the atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what time you go, it’s always lively.

On a Sunday afternoon they have various different live music acts, whether it be a jazz band or a gospel choir..hence Sunday Service. (So if you are nursing a bad hangover with a pounding headache, this might not be the place for you….it’s loud, very loud).


After saying goodbye to the parents we cozied up by the fire with a glass of red wine and enjoyed the last of the live music before rolling home and collapsing into bed.




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