A Quick Guide to Prague

Prague is a beautiful city & perfect for a weekend break. There’s enough to do to keep you occupied for a couple of days but it’s not so big that you feel like you barely scratched the surface.

Here’s a couple of tips you might find useful if you ever get the chance to visit:

• We learnt that the Czech’s can be a bit rude. Apparently they don’t like tourists much (we were told this by our tourist guide…ironically) so it pays to learn a few simple phrases:

Hello – Dobrý den (dobree den)

Goodbye – Na Shledanou (nas-klehdanoh)

Thank you – Děkuji (je-koo-yi)

Please – Prosím (proseem)

The bill please – Prosím, účet (proseem oo-chet)

How much – Kolik? (Kolik)

Beer – Pivo (pivo)

Yes – Ano (ano)

No – Ne (ne)

Where is…? – Kde je…? (gde ye)

They should get you going. After all, a little bit of effort goes a long way and they’ll appreciate you trying.

I think it’s pretty custom and respectful to try and learn a bit about the country, their language and their ways before you go anyway…I think us British can be a wee bit ignorant when it comes to different cultures/languages sometimes. Broad sweeping statement, but you can get so much more from something if you properly embrace it.

• Pay for things in Czech Koruna…it’s cheeper than Euros. 300Kč = approx. £10

• Always tip. It’s seen as very rude not to. And not any coppers you have left over (that’s also seen as rude)…a proper tip.

• Like I said in a previous post, Prague is a very relaxed city so heals/dresses aren’t necessary. Of course if you want to, like we did, then go for it. But especially in the winter when it’s freezing, go for comfort and pack alll your thermals.

• Go and see The Church of Our Lady Victorious known for The Infant Jesus of Prague.


• If you know you’re going to visit the Castle book onto a tour. We didn’t and it was a bit overwhelming and felt like we just wandered aimlessly. Although we still got to see some beautiful things I feel like we missed out on quite a lot.

• Drink Kozel černy beer at Kozlovna apropos (it’s right near the Charles bridge).


• Drink cocktails at The Parlour or Hemingway. They’re both really cool, very cosy bars.

The Parlour doesn’t have any menus, you just tell them what you like, what you’re in the mood for and they make something up and bring it to you. Hemingway also have very cool cocktails. You might have to wait a little bit for a table, but it’s definitely worth it. Once inside the staff are lovely and the cocktails are delicious. They do have a list of rules which you might want to have read of before you visit though.


• Dine at Sarah Bernhardt restaurant if you’re feeling fancy.


• Buy edible gifts to take home with you from Perníčkův sen.


• Walking tours are a great way to get to know a city – We tend to go on New Europe ones.

• Stay in a hotel on the Old Town side of the river. Everywhere is quite close so you’ll be able to walk. Take comfy walking shoes..like you would on any city break. We stayed in The Hotel Gradium. It was good. Nothing overly fancy but the rooms were comfy and the breakfast was really good!!

• The bars around the Old Town Square are naturally a tourist trap so they’re more expensive and they might put pretzels on your table…which if you eat you pay for. They’re not free.

All in all it’s a beautiful place with loads of history, so enjoy!


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