Prague Castle

Day 2 and we were up early(ish), ready and raring to go.


Our POA was to head up to the Castle with a couple of detours on the way…cue lots of photos of us standing in front of things.


There are so many churches dotted around, each one more beautiful than the last, so it’s hard to walk past them without taking a peek inside.


The Castle is pretty impressive from a distance, never mind up close.


After crossing Charles Bridge we climbed the 121 steps up to the top of the Castle to see the spectacular views over the city.


Then took it in turns to be typical tourists and have pictures taken with the guards.


We tried to make them smile but they weren’t having any of it!


So the Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. The grounds are actually huge and there’s so much to see…we barely scratched the surface. There are 4 different churches including St Vitus Cathedral (I thought this was the Cathedral in the Old Square but it’s not), numerous Palaces and galleries all surrounded by gardens.


The whole place is like a maze so it’s quite easy to get lost.


Emperors, Kings & Presidents have all lived here since the 9th century.


We did our best to see as much as possible but with the crowds of tourists we weren’t really in the mood for a bun fight, so we gave up and went to take in the views again before heading back across the bridge.


One final thing that we had to Czech off the list (geddit!?!) was The Church of Our Lady Victorious (Infant Jesus of Prague).


The Child of Prague resembles the God’s incarnation, spiritual childhood and the dignity of Christ as well as our own humanity. It originated from Spain but was bought to Prague by a Spanish Duchess in the 16th century. It was donated to the monastery of Discalced Carmelites at the Church of Our Lady Victorious and was placed in their novitiate chapel. From then young monks would learn the virtues of small Jesus and performed everyday worship before it.


There’s so much more history about the church and the Infant Jesus but long story short, it began to bless the monastery, the local people and the entire city of Prague.


In 2009 Pope Benedict XVI came to visit the Infant Child of Prague and said that it demonstrated God’s closeness and love through his child of tenderness. He also prayed for children who are victims of violence and different forms of abuse. This is seen as one of the most significant visits to this date.

Full to the brim of culture it was time for us to head home.

Prague you were wonderful.

Na Shledanou!!


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