Prague by Night

We’ve been caught out by not booking restaurants for short city breaks in the past so this time we decided to be one step ahead of the game and book a place before we went. We did a bit of research, found one we liked the look of and just crossed our fingers.

Prague is a casual kind of place. You don’t need to be all dressed up and you certainly don’t need heals.

Did we get the memo…erm no.


Did we care, hell no!!


We arrived at Hotel de Paris and were shown through to the Sarah Bernhardt restaurant.

The restaurant was beautiful. Incredibly ornate and with a pianist serenading the diners it felt like we’d stepped right back in time.

The waiter told us the history of the hotel and the restaurant, which is named after the iconic Parisian actress and singer, and how during the communist time the owners of the hotel fled leaving the hotel to be taken over by communists. All the artwork, tiles and general grandeur of the hotel were covered up. When the family returned they thought the hotel had been ruined. Fortunately when they had took the plaster off the walls the artwork and tiles had actually been very well preserved, meaning the hotel could be restored to it’s former glory.


Not only was it a beautiful setting but the food was delicious. To start, Fran and I went for a grilled tofu and lentil winter salad.


and Haze went for snails.

DSC09794DSC09791 (1)

For mains the girls both went for grilled tuna


Whilst I went for Old Bohemian “Kuba”, which is a traditional dish with mushrooms, buckwheat and vegetable ragout.

It was so, so delicious. It was like a risotto but a little less creamy.


Dessert definitely stole the show.

A couple of Crêpes suzette which were flambéed at our table.


“Valrhona” cake with three types of Grand Cru chocolate.



The restaurant wasn’t exactly busy, so I wouldn’t say the atmosphere was the best, but we blamed it on the time of year – we were very out of season.

After dinner we went for some drinks at Hemingway Bar.


A seriously cool little bar which you probably wouldn’t look twice at from the outside. You’re seated when there are tables free, until then you have to wait outside – there’s no just wandering in. I think you can book a table, so you might want to do that!


Inside it’s pretty cosy.

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset

The cocktails were really, really good.


Apparently Hemingway liked a tipple & was quite the mixologist.


We did a fair share of taste testing the menu, research purposes..obvs, and my favourite was definitely a cocktail served in an R2-D2 cup! I sent this to my Star Wars fanatic friend at home and he was very impressed.


They have a pretty strict set of rules which you might want to read before you go. Honestly, I’m not joking..



Bar etiquette, hey!!

After a wonderful evening we wandered home passing through the old town which all looked even more beautiful lit up at night.


Dobrou noc!


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