The girls and I have covered a lot of Europe but for whatever reason I have always refused to let us go to Prague. Don’t ask why, I don’t have any valid fact I have actually been before with my family and I did have a great time, but I’ve just not been interested in visiting again…until now that is.

I finally granted us permission to go!! (**Eye rolls, princess over here!**)

So back in November Fran & I booked tickets to go to Prague for Hazel’s birthday. The next weekend we all had together was in February which seemed like ages away at the time, but it came round pretty quickly.

Before we knew it here we were..


After hitting the breakfast buffet hard we set off for the main square and hopped onto a walking tour.


If we were hoping to get a glimpse of the famous astronomical clock (which I kept calling the anatomical clock) then we were mistaken..


Apparently this is only the second time in its history that it’s undergone renovations..typical.

Never mind, there was plenty more to see.


The arcitecheture was so beautiful. Especially in the Jewish Quarter.


Prague has an extremely interesting history. Czech Republic is a country which has been passed from pillar to post. It’s been under the rule of so many different countries so it pulls influences from all over Europe. This is something that massively comes across in its architecture.


Czech Republic is in the centre of Europe surrounded by Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria but when we learn about The Second World War it kind of gets forgotten about a bit. The Czech part was occupied by Germany during World War II whilst the Slovak part became the Slovak republic. Czechoslovakia was liberated by the Soviet Union and American Soldiers in 1945. From then Czechoslovakia became a communist state under Soviet influence. It wasn’t until 1989 when the ‘Velvet Revolution’ began the transition of power and the collapse of the communist regime. In 1993 Czechoslovakia was peacefully dissolved so Czech and Slovakia became the independent states that we know today.


Our tour ended with beautiful views of the Castle which we planned to visit the next day.


All that walking was thirsty work so we headed to a bar that our guide had recommended, this one. Apparently it was the place to go for good, fresh beer…even if you don’t like beer.

Obviously when in Rome….


(The look of fear in her eyes..)

Fran isn’t a beer drinker. I think she’s had a sip once before and that’s it, so we had a true gineua pig to taste test it.


A moment so iconic had to be properly documented..


We got there in the end.


The verdict was good. The non beer drinker liked it, as did the beer drinkers.

Processed with VSCO with j5 presetDSC09718

Three beers came to a whopping £5!

Na zdravi!! (Cheers)

As the sun began to set we wondered back through the city.


Under Haze’s instruction we set out to find a hidden gem of a gingerbread shop (she loves gingerbread and had done her research before hand – honestly, I’m not lying).


It was the cutest little shop filled with all the gingerbread you could ask for.


We picked up a couple of gifts for home as well as a couple of treats for ourselves…which didn’t make it home.

We got back to our hotel, put our feet up with a cup of tea and before we knew it the gingerbread was gone!


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