Mum and Dad were staying in town for a couple of nights so it was the perfect excuse to go wining and dining. Not that we ever need an excuse.


We met them at their hotel and set off in search of a Sunday Roast.

After a bit of wandering we found ourselves in Hawksmoor. We’d had our eye on this place for a while so were more than happy to try it out.


Now as a non-meat eater going to a Steakhouse might sound like a bit of a silly idea, but personally it doesn’t bother me. I don’t like to be awkward or make people change their preferences for me. I can’t say I’ve never had a problem finding something to eat on a menu and I guess I want to prove that just because you don’t eat a certain thing it doesn’t mean you have to go to special places or make a massive fuss. (Vegan might be a bit different, but even then, nowadays you find that restaurants are very accommodating).

I also have a theory that the restaurant is only as good as their veggie dish. A good chef can make a few humble vegetables taste incredible just with a few spices, experimenting and TLC. For me a good veggie dish is a very good indicator of a brilliant chef – obviously a very broad, sweeping statement..but just saying. Now obviously, it’s a steak house, and I do appreciate that, so I would never expect there to be lots of veggie options..which i’m fine with. However if it’s a good restaurant I hope that the couple of options they do have will be amazing.

I know that some people don’t want to support restaurants that serve meat out of principle – especially if you don’t eat it. However if you look into a lot of these restaurants you’ll see that they have very strong ethical stances and really do give a lot back. I already told you about the commitment to sustainability that Randall & Aubin have, well Hawksmoor has also been recognised numerous times as also being a sustainable restaurant. They support various different charities including Action Against Hunger and One Water Foundation.

I like that.


Anyway, rambling over. Cheers to Sunday’s, family and friends.


Onto the food. Shall we?

Dad and Haze got Sunday Roasts.


Beef with all the trimmings.


If you want extra anything there is a list of every side you could wish for, from macaroni cheese, to dripping fries or creamed spinach. Delish.

Unfortunately there was no veggie roast so Mum and I went for the veggie option of baked ricotta & rye tart with artichokes and mushrooms.


I loved it, Mum wasn’t as overly enthused as me…so I ate most of hers too.


All eyes on the prize. The dessert.


A giant Ferrero Rocher that was completely to die for.

DSC08695 (1)

Gooey in the middle and crunchy on the outside. We all said we’d go back just for that!!


What I would say is, if you’re a meat eater then a Hawksmoor Sunday Roast is a good’en – I have it on very good authority. Now if they could throw a veggie roast in there that would be amazing!!


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