Brunch at Masons

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes to brunch. Well actually for lunch and dinner as well, but brunch was our meal of choice.

Manchester Hall has just undergone a huge renovation and it’s only recently opened its doors again.

Their restaurant is called Masons and it’s beautiful. With plush, velvet chairs and lots of greenery (my fave), my parents and I settled into a booth and ordered pots of tea and coffee.


I love having my parents in Manchester. I’m pretty lucky that they don’t live a million miles away and I get to see my Dad every week anyway because he works in Manchester a couple of days a week. I don’t actually get to see my Mum as often though, and if we do manage to get together it’s always a fleeting visit. (Not that we don’t speak on the phone everyday). But anyway, it’s always just nice to have us all together and have a proper chance to catch up.


Our main topic of conversation…plans over Christmas!!! Who’s doing what, who’s where, the parties, the gatherings and most importantly the Christmas Tree’s…it all got me very excited to go home!


Anyway, Mason’s. The breakfast menu isn’t extensive, but I can assure you what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

Both Mum and Dad went for Full English Breakfasts.


Little Miss Piggy over here went for a bit of a two course breakfast if you will.

I started with some muesli & granola topped with berries.


Which was absolutely delicious.


Followed by a vegetarian Full English.


Complete with veggie sausages


and two perfectly poached, poached eggs.


I think i’m going to have to say it’s the best Full English i’ve had in a long time.


Fit to burst..not surprisingly, we finished up and went for a little nosey around the rest of the building. They have stunning event spaces perfect for hosting parties, weddings and balls.


It’s the perfect brunch to set you up for a hard day Christmas’s tough out there!!


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