An Afternoon in Bruges

Breakfast in France, lunch in Belgium that’s one way to do it!

After visiting Brussels earlier in the year we were very excited to spend the afternoon in Bruges. We’d been told it was the more beautiful of the two cities and I can confirm, it certainly was very pretty.


The architecture was so, so beautiful. The historic centre is actually another beautifully preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We wandered the cobbled streets until they opened out into the main Market Square which was very similar to the main Market Square in Brussels.


We found a lovely little restaurant and with no time to waste we ordered 4 large Belgian beers.


Chin, chin.


Food soon followed. Haze and I shared Moules frites and a Nicose salad.


Mum went for the speciality, meatballs & mash.


Dad stuck to the Moules frites..


Modelling the dish very well there!!


With an hour or so left we decided to hop on a canal boat and see Bruges from a different perspective.


It was a great way to see the city. As we sailed past beautiful buildings we were told all about the history. Bruges is full of culture and has a very rich, interesting history. Churches, important landmarks and the best places to drink beer (very important) were all pointed out – and mentally noted for our next visit.


Looking like a super cute couple if I do say so myself!! #couplegoals


We asked about the steps on top of the buildings and apparently they indicated how wealthy the person who built the house was.


I’d highly recommend a canal tour if you ever find yourself in Bruges.

With the clock ticking it was time to head to the Ferry Terminal…not before raiding a chocolate shop or two of course!!

Canal boat tour.
Check, check, check.

All the touristy things done and dusted. I’d say our whistle stop tour of Bruges was a success. My only regret….we didn’t get waffles!!! That’s my second time in Belgium and no waffles. We really are going to HAVE to go back just for waffles…not such a hardship!

With bags full of chocolate (which, unsurprisingly, didn’t actually make it back to England) we boarded the Ferry, popped a bottle of bubbly and toasted to our holiday.


With that we sailed away into the distance waving farewell to the continent.


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