Panoramic Views at The Radisson

After our incredible day at sea we had our final meal booked at the Radisson. It’s at the opposite end of the bay so we’d never actually been before.

The hotel itself was beautiful.

We were escorted up to the 7th floor to Restaurant 360.

Although it doesn’t sound very high up the restaurant was actually on the top floor and with our dining room having vast, curved, glass windows to look out on the bay of Cannes through, we couldn’t have felt more disorientated.


We all felt like we were slightly swaying….really not a great feeling. We could almost have been back on the boat!

Anyway we took our seats and dinner was served.


Crabs and clams lobster soup to start.


Followed by buttery cod fillet, roasted green peas and Thyme emulsion with pistachio.


Finished off with incredibly chocolatey pistachio brownies which were amazing!!


Hey, you know how I said we haven’t discovered any rooftop bars? Well on the way out we spotted an open air bar just opposite the restaurant. We had a quick peek and it was so beautiful, so definitely one to remember for next year!


And that’s a wrap! Another year in the South of France done and dusted, and what an incredible year it was. I’m so lucky to be able to call a place like Cannes my second home, and to go there with such amazing people..well I guess it doesn’t really get much better.

Until next year Cannes, time to head back up North!


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