Le Pastis & Fireworks

So after cocktails Haze and I ended up going shopping, leaving us with about half an hour to get ready…sooo we were a little bit tight on time. Needless to say, Mum was less than impressed.DSC06899

Apparently I need to invest in an iron!

Anyway better late than never we made it out, just in time to catch sunset.


One of the Coulthard’s favourite restaurants in Cannes is Le Pastis, and rightly so, the food is amazing!!

It’s a lively little place which is alway bustling with activity and the waiters are so friendly.


Tweedledee and Tweedledum over here..


Dad went for an incredible looking King prawn linguine.


Us girls went for veggie pizza and chips, proper bikini food, right!?


But it was far too good for us to care about that!! #NoRegrets


After finishing up we wandered onto the Croissette just in time for a spectacular firework display.


Honestly, it was a lot better than my pictures make out!!

Nights like these really are the best. Amazing food and even better company. It makes me feel so grateful that I have such wonderful friends and family. Oh what a night!


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