Road tripping through France

Cannes you hear that? It’s the sound of sandy beaches, blue skies and pale pink rose calling our name. Yep time to migrate South and enjoy the good life of the French Riviera

This time we chose to make the journey a bit more of an adventure and drive down. I grew up holidaying in France. When I was young we would drive down the coast stopping off in pretty towns and finding beautiful, hidden beaches. Eager for a bit of nostalgia we packed up the car with everything but the kitchen sink, boarded the ferry and headed for the continent.

We chose the Hull -> Zebrugge overnight crossing and woke up the next morning in Brussels.

As soon as we crossed over the French boarder the rain came. At first it was just a little bit then it got heavier and heavier to the point where you couldn’t see a couple of metres in front of you because of all the spray.

Not ideal driving conditions but we battled on through with Lyon in mind. We calculated it would take us about 5/6 hours so to make the journey easier Dad and I shared the driving.

As we got further down South the rain started to ease slightly giving us hope of warmer weather in our destination. 9 hours later (a lot later than we had first anticipated) we arrived in the beautiful city of Lyon.

We stayed in a rustic, little place called La Loge Du Vieux Lyon.We rented a quaint 1 bed apartment right in the middle of the old town which was beautiful.

Our apartment, like the town itself, had so much character.

After freshening up, we went in search of dinner.

Note to self – 6 inch heals and cobbled streets do not mix. Will I ever learn? Word of warning if you ever visit Lyon yourself!

We found a popular little restaurant. It was quaint and very authentic. The meal was lovely. Nothing show stopping but good traditional French food.

Creamy burrata & tomatoes to start.

Fish of the day to follow.


With a side of classic dauphinoise.

We finished with a round of desserts. Chocolate fondant for me which was gooey, rich and unbelievably delicious.

A classic – ile flottante

and of course crème brûlée.

After dinner we went for a walk down the river and to the Cathedral.

Lit up, it was stunning.

After a very long, but extremely successful day we happily collapsed into bed ready for tomorrow’s adventures.


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