The Indian Wedding

It has taken me even longer to upload these photos and write this post because, as you know, I get a bit snap happy & not surprisingly I took soooo many pictures – word of warning. They are so colourful & fun though so they’ve been a pleasure to sort through.

Part two of Ben and Bex’s wedding was an Indian affair. (Part one was Tenby if you aren’t already caught up on that). Ben’s Father is Indian and so wanted to keep some of the tradition and heritage alive.

I’m fortunate enough to have been to a fair few Indian Wedding’s in my time. My Mum is Indian so, naturally, half my family are Indian. The weddings are amazing. They have such big reputations which I can confirm they certainly live up to. They’re busy, colourful and loud – a bit like the family. Weddings can go on for days, if not weeks with various religious ceremonies and traditions to be upheld. They’re brilliantly extravagant with no expense spared. If you ever get a chance to go an Indian wedding then go, you won’t regret it!

Anyway, this one was slightly different. Having already had the English wedding there was no need for any other religious ceremony to be held, so we just skipped straight to the reception part and it was just a wonderful excuse for a massive Indian party. Amazing. The Mehndi was done the day before and the final touches for the celebrations were put into place.

This time the celebrations were a little lot closer to home, just a hop, skip and a jump down the road. It meant that anyone who was unable to make it to Tenby could celebrate with the happy couple this time round.

It started in the afternoon and we were greeted by friendly faces and a huge marque.

The happy couple ready for round two..

I was so, so impressed by the amount of effort everyone had gone to. Especially the boys!! They looked so smart,

and just a little bit matchy matchy!!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum over here.

Whilst everyone chatted and took pictures we went for a peep inside the marque to find it had been beautifully decorated. There was video footage from the day in Tenby playing on big TV screens which was amazing. The film was beautiful and it brought back so many good memories.

We heard cheers outside so went back to see what all the commotion was about..

Ben vs Bull!

Bull won..

(Don’t worry Ben I’m sure it’s fixed)!

We carried on with the drinks reception on the lawn

^ this little beauty though!! I was/still am so in love with her sari, she looked incredible – as always.

It wasn’t long until we were ushered inside and told things were about to begin.

A quick outfit change and the happy couple were lead into the marque by the professional dhol players (literally meaning just large bass drum players)

and shown to their seats.

They made way for the dancers.

They were amazing! With a mixtape of bollywood/hollywood music vibes – something to please everyone – they got everyone going.

Everybody loved them so couldn’t refuse an opportunity to get up and join in.

(Looks like they’re doing the YMCA but I assure you they’re not).

A few traditional blessings were carried out to honour the culture

The Bride and Groom exchanged garlands, this is known as Jai Mala and signifies their acceptance of one another.

Then the Groom places a red dot in the middle of the Brides forehead which signifies the brides status as a married woman and the Grooms devotion to the Bride.

This would be the stage where they would exchange rings and feed each other sweets, but obviously they’ve already done the rings so it was just the sweets this time.

Blessings done it was time for a few more speeches (everyone loves a wedding speech).

As the Bride and Groom cut the cake (yes even more cake!!!!) Lara beautifully serenaded us with the songs she song the Bride down the aisle to in Tenby.

Can we just appreciate the cake! It was made by some close family friends and it was incredible. I do not say this lightly. It looked beautiful and tasted just as good, honestly I could rave about it all day long, it was amazing – well done girls!

We did have food throughout the day which was really, really good. They had caterers serving starters, mains and dessert, all Indian of course. But with everything being so busy and hectic I didn’t actually take any photos of the food. Shock, horror. But never mind. We were just too busy having fun..

We danced into the early hours of the morning. (The video footage of this is even better than Tenby – word of warning for those involved. We have some cracking/should-be-illegal dance moves on film). After the DJ went home we put our own music on and carried on ensuring there would be plenty of sore heads in the morning.


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