Winging It Workshop

I spent a Thursday evening in July surrounded by the most inspiring people. We met at The Garden ate delicious food and talked about mindfulness, meditation, food, fitness, yoga, gym..literally all my favourite things.

So 2 beautiful ladies, Ceriann and Caroline, have set up something called Winging It Workshops. These workshops can have different themes and they invite a few inspirational woman, who have different experiences in the chosen topic, to talk about their journeys. These women form the panel and our theme was wellness.

Six beautiful women all with a passion for wellness.


The scene was set with each lady giving us a bit of a background of where they came from and basically how they have come to where they are now. A few ladies spoke about how they had had massive power careers in big corporations but felt that after how ever many years, it was beginning to take its toll. They may have once enjoyed their jobs, but it was no longer making them happy so decided to find the courage, leave their jobs and move in another direction. Serious #GirlBoss kinda stuff.

Jan Bloor from Mindful outlook was so wise and insightful. She took us through a guided meditation and spoke about the importance of mindfulness, being present and the art of meditation. Everything she said was so profound and she had such an incredible way of connecting with everyone regardless of our backgrounds or intentions.

The beautiful Zoe spoke about how it also took a while for her to find her calling in life and how important it is to do something you are passionate about. As a personal trainer she loves to help people feel and be the best they can be. We also chatted about how stress can massively inhibit your fitness goals. This is a huge thing that people don’t realise. Stress can be massively harmful to your health and sometimes exercising can actually increase your cortisol levels (stress hormone) making it harder to lose weight.

We spoke about modern day healing through the power of food. Suzy is a certified health coach and has passion for this. Our bodies naturally respond to wholesome food and when you fuel it right it will do amazing things for you. This is something I’m massively passionate about and have read a lot into over the years. That said, I do believe that modern medicine has a place in our society, and sometimes both are necessary so have to work synergistically.


Kate, the co-founder and owner of The Garden spoke about setting up her own business & how a passion has turned into her job. I’m already a massive fan of The Garden. It’s one of my favourite cafes in Manchester. It proves that healthy food that is amazingly good for you doesn’t have to be bland and boring. You don’t have to live off salads, you can have burgers, nachos and even chocolate brownies…everything in moderation of course. I just wish we had more places like this in Manchester!

The massive take home message for me was that all these ladies have different skills but they have one massive thing in common, they all want to make people feel happy, comfortable, at peace and beautiful in their own bodies. They want to help improve peoples self esteem and help them feel comfortable with who they are. They want people to live and not just exist, because at the end of the day life is too short not to love yourself and seize the day.

This is such a quick post that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how wonderful the conversations were.

Wellness, health and fitness are things that I am massively passionate about. I don’t talk much about them but I think I’m going to start. I’m going to start a little series of mini posts of random health/wellness related topics. I am far from an expert in any of these fields but I have had a passion for about 7 years and I have grown up with a medical background so I like to think I can give quite a good balanced, insight into things.


If you’re also interested in any of these topics or want to see what else these wonderful ladies get up to then I’m going to leave their social media links below. I’m sure they wont mind me saying that they’d be more than happy for anyone to contact them about anything they do or any workshops coming up.

Winging It Club – WebsiteInstagram
Suzy’s – YouTubeInstagram
Zoe’s – Instagram
The Garden – WebsiteInstagram
Jan – Mindful Outlook Website

Thank you again for such a wonderful evening ladies, I can’t wait for the next one!



  1. December 6, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    I have only just seen this write up, Chessie. Thank you so much for such thoughtful words. Hope you’re really well x

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