Summer Nights

Our last week of uni was a drag. We were all exhausted from a tiring term, make that year, and were very envious of everyone who had already finished. To make it a bit easier we took it upon ourselves to try and make it as fun as possible and pamper ourselves a little. Off we went to get a fresh chop for summer. We all go to Terence Paul in town & we love it.

Lapping up the warm summer evening we headed to Albert’s Shed in Castlefield.


Right by the canal there’s an outside patio seating area in between Albert’s Shed and Dukes 92 so on sunny day’s it’s always packed.

Foodwise, I’ve never actually eaten at Dukes so I can’t say how good it is, but we’ve been to Albert’s Shed quite a few times so it’s a pretty safe option for good food.

At the moment we are all about the halloumi.


The crispy buttermilk halloumi was so delish.


I wouldn’t bother with the lime cured tuna though.


Even though the sun disappeared behind the clouds and thunderstorms were forecast it was still warm enough to sit outside. It was quite humid and dare I say a bit muggy….sorry!


The pan seared tuna with sweet potato fries is a fave that we always get but this time the tuna could have done with being a little bit pinker.


The halloumi superfood salad was so good (see I told you we had a thing with halloumi..and the tuna if this blog post is anything to go by).


Topped with a spicy harissa dressing, who said salads have to be bland and boring?


As per usual, we couldn’t resist dessert and even though we were torn between half of the menu we finally settled on the lemon and almond cheesecake which was so good.


It was light and fluffy and completely sin free..


Washed down with a bit more of a liquid dessert. Salted caramel martini’s – which tasted of butterscotch, and espresso martinis.


We raced home just in time for Love Island..don’t pretend you’re not obsessed. Who’s going to win though, I’m all for Kem & Amber or Jamie & Camilla.


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