It’s a funny thing this growing up. On paper (lols) I’m a mature adult well into my twenties. In my mind I still feel like I’m 18 with no responsibilities (I guess I am still a student so it’s a bit half and half).

I’ve actually hit the age where my friends have started doing all sorts of adulting like buying houses, getting engaged, getting married, getting dogs (big step), having babies etc… I mean I’m not quite there just yet – I kinda need a guy for most of those but I’m not worrying about that at the moment. (You can breathe easy Mum!)

Anyway, off topic. One of my close family friends who I’ve grown up with got married!!

I should probably apologise for taking so long to post this. It hasn’t been without lack of trying. I’ve been really nervous because it was such a beautiful day that I wanted to do it justice. I had so many pictures and have rearranged and rewritten paragraphs for weeks.

The Groom’s Wife-to-be was from Wales so all us Northern lot made the epic journey down to Tenby. It’s somewhere I’d never been before and somewhere that I discovered takes a long time to get to.

After a 5 and a half hour drive on Friday evening I arrived in the most pretty, picture perfect, pastel coloured town. Where I found my dream car..


I met up with my family and some friends before heading to our little cottage for a goodnights sleep.

We rented a cottage off Airbnb. Mum and Dad were staying in Tenby for a week so they wanted a place that could really feel like a little home away from home.

The wedding was the next morning at Manorbier Castle. We piled onto coaches and spent the day celebrating in the grounds of the castle.


The whole day was beautiful.


There was a small ceremony in the chapel before a drinks reception in the grounds of the castle and the Wedding breakfast was in a marque.


The Chapel was rustic, intimate and just so perfect.


Lara, another one of my bestest family friends, sang the bride down the aisle.

DSC05025Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

With the ‘I do’s’ done it was time to celebrate.


One of the most lovely things was to see all of us ‘kids’ grown up.


18 years later & here we are!


After photos we went to explore the grounds of the castle.


Climbing high up to the top of the walls so we could see the sea in the distance.


When we came down it was time to move inside where we were greeted by the most beautiful marque.


The name places were hand picked and painted by the Brides Father.


Apparently they had to scour the beach for a long time to find a stone long enough to fit my name! Sorry.

There were bottles of some sort of mead or barley wine (sorry, I can’t remember) that was specially brewed for the day. It was a mixture between beer and champagne which, surprisingly tasted a lot better than it sounds. It was actually quite nice!


We took our places so we could welcome the gorgeous bridesmaids..


who were followed by the Bride and Groom.


Dancing their way to the top table they could not have looked happier!


Food soon followed. I had a plate of cheesy dreams all to myself, I did share though..


veggie sausages


and lemon tart.


We were entertained throughout the day by a fabulous singer/entertainer. He had everyone up dancing on chairs (yup in the middle of dinner), monkeying around -literally – and singing. But no one wants to see unruly pictures of us miss behaving so we’ll stick to the more respectable ones. (We do have video evidence for future birthdays/weddings/occasions for anyone interested!!)


After the food we had another break to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.


It was a tad drizzly, but nothing we couldn’t handle.


After a sing song with the Groom’s Father it was time to officially open the dance floor.


Day turned into evening and after the first dance the rest of us joined them where we danced until the early hours.

I woke up the morning/afternoon after with a full face of makeup (I NEVER leave my makeup on so it must have been a very good night) in desperate need of a gallon of water and a bit of TLC. Mum came to the rescue and helped me nurse my hangover.

Once I’d manage to get myself together we went for a wander around Tenby.


Even though it was a little bit grey it was still the prettiest little town.


With perfectly painted pastel coloured houses I had that silly “What’s the story in Balamory,” jingle in my head the whole time!


After photos of the bay from all angles we made our way to the big house where we joined everyone for a BBQ.


The views from their house were stunning.


As time was ticking on I rather reluctantly said my goodbyes to everyone and started my 5 and a half hour drive back up North with nothing but incredible memories.

I’ve just about managed to get this post up before we celebrate the Indian leg of the wedding this weekend, so stay tuned!!



  1. August 4, 2017 / 12:17 am

    Ahhh how beautiful is this post!! I may not have a wedding to attend, but in January next year I’m visiting Tenby for the first time and I am SO excited!! x

    • August 4, 2017 / 11:22 am

      Thank you. Oh it’s so beautiful! I’m sure you’ll love it 😊. There’s beautiful little restaurants and the town itself is just so pretty. Try and visit the little islands just off the coast if you can, one of them has a monastery on it! Enjoy your time there. xx

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