Loulou’s & The Louvre

Back on solid ground we spent the rest of our day meandering through Paris.

It’s one of those cities that you can wander around for hours and just get lost in its beauty.


That evening we had our final dinner at Loulou’s. We ended up here by complete fluke. Whilst we were at Monsieur Bleu we told a wonderful lady (I think she owned or managed the restaurant) how much we had enjoyed our meal. She suggested that we try their sister restaurant Loulou’s whilst we were in Paris. We immediately said yes and before we knew it we had a booking for the following evening.


It was just another beautiful evening in Parisdise..


We arrived at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and went through to the restaurant. We were sat outside under big white umbrellas. It had a very chilled, relaxed atmosphere but the crisp, white linen and outrageously cool French people made it feel like a place to be seen.


The setting was also stunning. On one side we had the Eiffel Tower & the other side we had the Louvre.


There were people relaxing on the grass with picnics. Playing games, laughing, chatting, eating, drinking.


Because we’d had such a big lunch we hadn’t planned on having much that evening. That was until we saw the menu. It turns out we just couldn’t say no to a lot of things on the menu. This dish included..


Now I’m not going to lie, I can’t remember exactly what it was (cue taking pictures of menus from now on) but I remember it was one of the best things I have ever eaten. Although it doesn’t look like much it was incredible. I think it consisted of a poached egg, leaks, mushrooms, some sort of foam and other crispy bits. Okay not really selling it, but trust me, it was good.


Fried zucchini flowers.


Citrus warm octopus


and carpaccio.

Mains were a pasta fest.


Pesto pasta


Truffle pasta


Tomato pasta.

Sometimes less is more!


Glowing! Golden hour at its finest.


Then a bit of seabass for Dad.


Which he looks pretty happy about!


We ordered bit more Rosé to watch the sky turn pink.


These two though..


We sat and reflected on what a wonderful holiday we’d had. Laughing and reminiscing about our new stories we had to go home with and tell everyone. It was honestly one of the best, most fun holidays I’ve been on it such a long time. I loved the company, the countries, surprising Mum and everything just went to plan (for the first time ever). It was perfect.


Okay so we really weren’t going to have dessert BUT Mum is a sucker for a Rum Baba, it’s probably one of her favourites. So when in a Roma…


With an extra helping…or two..of rum.


We tucked in and it was quickly devoured.


We stayed until the Eiffel Tower burst into sparkle before going for a wander around the grounds of the Louvre.


Not wanting our night to end we made our way up to Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre to take in the incredible views of the city at night. Montmartre is more of a cool, edgy, artist place. We found a small bar in the square and watched street performers sing and dance.

Before we knew it it was Midnight in Paris and just like Cinderella it was time to go..

Au Revoir Paris, je t’aime!


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