Surprise Picnic in Paris

Bonjour and welcome to the city of love. A place where no romantic gesture is too extravagant.

Let me explain. For Mum’s birthday Dad and I surprised her with a trip of a lifetime.

The plan was for them to fly to Venice, spend a couple of nights there before boarding the Orient Express which would take them to Paris where they would spend the remainder of their holiday. Not too shabby eh!

Haze and I also had a week off uni so off we went to Spain. What Mum didn’t know is that we had a little surprise up our sleeve.

On the Thursday as Mum and Dad arrived in Paris we were boarding a plane also heading for Paris!!


Our plan was to set up a picnic on the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower and for Mum and Dad to stumble upon us.

How exciting!!!

The day came for us to put our plan into action and it genuinely felt like we were on a secret mission. I was nervous, had butterflies but was so excited!


Our flight was delayed for 2 hours which meant we were on a slightly tighter schedule than planned. We raced through the airport and hopped in an uber. Dad sourced the local supermarket (which was conveniently next door to our hotel) so we could stock up on supplies. We dropped our suitcases at the hotel and Dad ensured that we didn’t cross paths at any point. It was all very Mission Impossible/James Bond stealthy (without the bad guys trying to kill us).

We ran to the Champ de Mars and set up a picnic with an incredible view then we just sat and waited until they happened to find us.


A completely oblivious Mum just enjoying the Sunflowers..


Shall we zoom..


I cannot tell you how amazing it was. There were hugs, tears and the look on Mum’s face was priceless.


She couldn’t quite believe it!!


It was the best surprise and it all went perfectly.


Mission complete!


Mum and Dad regaled us with all their stories from Venice and The Orient Express (I’m sure if you’ve actually spoken to him you’ll have heard all about the speedboat!!) It really did sound incredible and The Orient Express is firmly on my bucketlist!

It took a few attempts for us to master the group photo..


but we got there in the end..


We sat, ate, drank and chatted under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. It really was magical.


After enough excitement to last a lifetime we headed back to the hotel and quickly fell into champagne infused sleeps, dreaming of our Parisian adventures that lay ahead.

I actually videoed the whole day with the hope of making a little video which will be a lovely reminder of the day. BUT I’m a complete amateur so if after I’ve edited it it’s not completely shocking I might put it on here…watch this space!



  1. MS
    June 26, 2017 / 11:01 am

    Nice story and beautiful family

  2. Hazel
    June 26, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    awwww I bloody love it 🙂 x

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