Mum’s Birthday

This year Mum’s Birthday fell on Bank Holiday Monday. This was perfect. We all had the day off so it meant we could celebrate properly. We booked lunch at another one of our favourite restaurants, Tattu. It’s basically an oriental fusion restaurant which serves incredibly good food!


I’ve mentioned Tattu here before, but this time we were upstairs in the restaurant. In the middle of the room there’s a huge blossom tree which hangs above the tables like a canopy. It’s so beautiful.


We got the bubbly flowing and cheers’d to Mum.


We started with an absolute smorgasbord of sharing dishes..


Vietnamese spring rolls


Crispy pork belly


(okay this was Dad’s & Dad didn’t share)


Wild mushroom spring rolls


Salt and pepper aubergines (probably my fave)


Spiced edamame


and I’m pretty sure we had some Shanghi Dumplings thrown in there as well.

They were all delicious.

We had a little bit more fizz whilst we opened cards and presents (which if you follow me on instagram you’ll know all about and I’m going to be writing all about it so I won’t go into any details now) but I will say there were a few happy tears.


Then we were presented with our mains.

I went for vegetarian chicken and black bean with asparagus, beansprouts and jasmine rice. I am not a fan of fake meats. I find them weird and synthetic and would never normally go for this kind of thing, but I think this was the only veggie option on the lunch menu so I thought I’d give it a go. However, it was actually really good!! I was so pleasantly surprised. The sauce was delicious and the texture of the vegetarian chicken was like fried tofu (not slimy though). The texture is normally what puts me off, but it wasn’t bad at all.


Now although I can’t see myself going out and buying a loads of fake meat/quorn type things, I really would have this again.


Others went for crispy shredded chilli beef and Kung Po chicken which they said were also delicious.


We skipped dessert because we had cake at home (and we were stuffed), but that didn’t stop them for bringing out a sparkler and singing happy birthday.


We left extremely happy and extremely full. I had so much love for my little family at that moment.


We were all so excited about the adventures to come and now that they’ve all happened I can’t wait to write all about them!!


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