Albert’s Schloss Bier Garten

I’m back!! It’s been a while. I have been MIA due to end of year exams but, for now, I can finally relax.

This exam period I came to the conclusion that I’m not good at the whole work/life balance. Something this year had to give and that was my social life. It has quite literally been non existent so I haven’t had anything interesting to report on. Maybe one day I’ll find the balance (probably around the same time I realise it’s not a good idea to leave all my work until the last minute – I’m a bit of a crammer and I do NOT recommend this at all). But anyway, lack of social life, yeah I’ve been okay with it, it just had to happen and I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the results have to say for themselves.

Anyway, I digress..every year it’s the same, revision starts and along comes the beautiful weather. It makes revising ten times harder (if it wasn’t hard enough already). So with our first glimpse of freedom we made it a priority to be sat soaking up the rays with a cocktail in hand. Exactly how it is supposed to be.

After getting as many freebies as we could from the British Dental Conference (we’re stocked for life with toothpaste) we headed over the road to Albert’s Schloss which is looking bloomin’ marvellous at the moment.


We grabbed a window seat and finally had a chance to just chill.

DSC03678 DSC03676DSC03685 DSC03686

They’ve got some new cocktails on the menu which are all floral inspired.


I went for a Rose Garten Mojito – Rum, rose petal liqueur, mint, lime and soda. It was just as refreshing as it sounds.


Food wise, we were starving. We both went for burgers and sweet potato fries.


I say burgers and by that I mean the epic Halloumi Schnitzel Burgers and oh em geee they were incredible. Uh-mazing!


Breaded halloumi with zucchini, beetroot slaw, lemon mayo and watercress all piled on top of each other and sandwiched between two pieces of focaccia.


So, so good. Vegetarians, or any halloumi lovers, I would definitely recommend it. A couple of cocktails & a bottle of procesco later exams were a distant memory.


The Great CityGames were taking place on Deansgate so we went to watch the last half an hour. Haze had a bit of a fan girl moment when we saw Greg Rutherford (we were the epitome of cool and collected..not haha).


We spent the afternoon bar hopping in Spinningfields, enjoying our new found freedom. Going from tea total to a few too many celebration drinks got me thinking that Saturday morning was going to be a slow one (and I can confirm that it was)!

We literally spent the whole day laughing and giggling. I’m not sure if it was the bubbles going straight to our head, the lack of sleep induced delirium or just pure elation.

Whatever it was, it felt sooo good!

Cheers to Bank Holiday weekend.


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