Mum’s the Word

So we woke on Sunday after the best night sleep in our marshmallow, cloud of a bed and spent all morning denying any knowledge of hangovers to each other.

We padded up to breakfast in our slippers and took in the sickeningly high view (not the best when you’re already feeling queasy) with some orange juice, eggs and pastries.


It was another beautiful day and it was certainly a breakfast with a view.


As much as I would have loved to have gone and just snuggled down into bed with Sunday Brunch on TV we had a Mum to shower with love so pulled ourselves together and made ourselves look acceptable.


We went for a lovely Mothers Day lunch at Menagerie. I’ve written about this place a couple of times and I love it but Mum and Dad had never been so I thought it was time to introduce them to it.


We pretended until we could pretend no more. We finally admitted to each other that we had both felt slightly car sick on the way there and we came to the conclusion that the only cure was prosecco.


Bright idea, right!?

Another cure, food.

We went for sushi to start.


Which tasted just as good as it looked.


Here she is..woman of the hour.


Mum’s are amazing, obviously I’m going to be bias and say mine is the best but I’m pretty certain they’re are lots of amazing ladies out there.

My Mum isn’t just my Mum she’s my best friend, sister, and partner in crime all rolled into one. We fight like siblings but will protect each other fiercely. It’s only as you get older you start to appreciate your Mum and respect everything she does for you. Even though we drive each other around the bend sometimes, I’m very, very grateful for mine.


So cheers to all the Mum’s!

Back to the food. For my main I went for tempura tuna salad which was delish.

DSC03169 DSC03171

Mum went for miso salmon which she adored.


Dad went for roast chicken and Haze went for the shredded duck salad.


We regaled stories from my birthday of us dancing up on the platform…not sure my parents really wanted to hear about that, but then again Mum said she would have done the same!

We finished it all off with a funfair dessert.

How cute is it!


A little Ferris wheel of treats with a side of ice cream, doughnut hot dogs.


Spinning around on the Ferris wheel we had doughnuts filled with Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff


Candy floss


Candy apples & popcorn.


Amazing. Such a fun way to serve dessert.

We finished up and went for a walk in the glorious sunshine.

DSC03179 DSC03182DSC03181 DSC03183DSC03185

We wandered through town (still kind of feeling like tourists) and as we went through Spinningfields Mum said she wanted to take a peak inside John Ryland’s Library because she’s never been.

It is such a beautiful place! We did try and work in there once but we found ourselves getting distracted by our beautiful surroundings. I did feel like I was in Hogwarts though!!


There was a little dress up area where we pretended to be very important, very silly, gentlemen!


(great acting skills)


After a lot of laughing and giggling we started to get a few stern looks..


so it was time to behave and act seriously.


Well we tried..


Anyway, the library..


I said it was beautiful!


Later that afternoon we made our way to The Wash House. It’s a secret bar that I thought would be fun to try. You have to book and when you go into the small entrance room theres nothing there but a couple of washing machines.

DSC03225 DSC03224

You ring through then someone appears through the big washing machine and takes you through to your table.


It was very dark and felt like a speakeasy.

The cocktail list was full of weird and wonderful things and all the cocktails we tried were definitely the most unusual I’ve ever had.

DSC03227 DSC03231DSC03232 DSC03234DSC03244 DSC03248DSC03251

Unusual but delicious. It was so cool & I can’t wait to go back and try some more cocktail concoctions. This would be such a great place for a first date!

We emerged back into the day light and still on cloud 9 we headed back home.

I love Manchester, especially in the Sunshine. Now hurry up summer, we’re waiting for you!


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  1. Meg Hughes
    April 18, 2017 / 4:49 pm

    Beautiful photos chessie . We had the most amazing day . Thank you do much for spoiling me . Looks like we may have to go it all again got my birthday in May . Happy days . Love you 😘 🍸🎉❤

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