Staycation – Part 1

Sometimes it’s nice to fall in love with your own city again.

Before I moved to Manchester I lived in Liverpool for 3 years and I honestly thought I could never love a city more than I loved Liverpool.

It took a while for me to settle in to Manchester but now I can honestly say that I love it. There’s always so much going on, so many different things to do and so many amazing places to eat!

Staying in a hotel in the city that you live may seem like a silly thing to do to some people or even just a bit pointless but I assure you it’s not.

The sun was shining and we actually felt like tourists.

We started our day virtuously with a killer spin class and then brekky at the new place in town Another Heart to Feed.


We went for matcha lattes, açai bowls and granola bowls.


Thee hype around Açai bowls is pretty big at the moment. It might just seem like a cool kid Aussie craze to some, but I don’t care, they’re delicious and there aren’t very many places you can get them from in Manchester. In fact I can only think of one other place other than here.


So I was pretty excited.


The food was delicious and we were very impressed but have vowed to go back and try the eggs because that’s the real test for us. That way we can compare it to all our other favourite places.


After brunch we made our way to the Hilton on Deansgate to check into our room.

We were on the 22rd floor, so nearly as high up as you can get in the hotel, with a lovely room and a huge, super big, cloud of a bed.


We had the most beautiful views over Manchester and even though Manchester doesn’t have the best skyline in the world, on a sunny day it’s so nice to look over the whole city and see the rolling hills in the distance.

DSC03022 DSC03025DSC03030 DSC03035DSC03026

After settling in nicely and taking a million pictures of the room and the views we popped our swimming cossies on and went to the spa for a dip in the pool and a sweat in the sauna.

Feeling cleansed and refreshed we headed back to the room to get ready. The sun was starting to set and the buildings reflected the last, golden rays, of the sun.

DSC03038 DSC03041

With our robes on and the champagne on ice we turned the music up and sang our hearts out to whatever cheesy pop I decided to put on! (I have the worst/best taste in music).

DSC03044 DSC03048DSC03050 DSC03051

Our Saturday night was in full swing.



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