I have found my pizza heaven. Okay so we actually first found this place just over a month ago in Sheffield, and after declaring it was the best pizza we’d ever had we couldn’t understand why they didn’t have a restaurant open in Manchester.

A week later when we were driving through Didsbury we noticed that Proove was opening on Burton Road in the next week!

If that’s not fate then I don’t know what is.

I could not have been more excited and told anyone and everyone that would listen that they had to go.

Sure enough the week it opened I took my Dad then the following week Haze and I went. I wanted to get a seal of approval from as many people as I could before I really started raving about it on here.

Since it’s been open it’s been busy every night so if you fancy going make sure to book in advance!

We were booked in on Friday night so arrived early and had a drink at the bar.


It was absolutely heaving but there was a great, lively atmosphere.


We were shown to our table, which was tucked away in the corner, and ordered our pizzas.


They came pronto.

We both went veggie but Haze added rocket and prosciutto to hers.


They’re made the proper Napoli way in a wood fired oven with the finest ingredients and a double 00 dough. This is a thing. It means that the dough is thin but still doughy. The crust has characteristic black spots and it’s just so delicious. The mozzarella is handmade just outside of Naples and is delivered to Proove within 48 hours of production.


All good stuff!!


Before we knew it the pizzas had been swiftly demolished and I asked Haze the million dollar question…so what did you realllly think!?

Success, she loved it. *Phew*

We sat and raved about how delicious they were to each other.

They were the perfect size, we’d finished them no problem and weren’t left feeling uncomfortably full. In fact we decided we had enough room to share a dessert.


I’d had the sweet coconut Nutella bites before which were really good but this time we went for the banana and pistachio ones, which were even better. They were a bit more gooey and just overall mouthfuls of deliciousness. Make sure you leave room for them!

(I must say though, the table next to us ordered tiramisu which also looked amazing. So if you’re a tiramisu fan keep that in mind as well).

We ordered a special cocktail to go with our dessert (I really can’t remember what was in it but it was sweet and fruity with a hint of vanilla).


We’d made friends with the people on the table next to us when they asked if we’d take a picture for them. In return we got some funny, blurry photos together. We just can’t get nice pictures together..

DSC02977 DSC02979DSC02980 DSC02981

We finished our evening with a cocktail at The Drawing Room.

I think it’s the best pizza in town but if you don’t want to take my word for it then head to Burton Road and let them Proove it to you!! (Eh, eh, geddit?)

Anyway, let me know what you think and if you like it. I’d love to know if it gets your seal of approval as well!


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