Wine Not Wednesday’s

If you want good sushi in Manchester then you’re spoilt for choice…that’s if you go into the city centre. If you want good sushi in South Manchester you’re a bit more stuck. There aren’t as many places. However, we have finally found somewhere.

Welcome to Ring Sushi Bar. It’s a small authentic Japanese restaurant on Barlow Moor road in Chorlton which is like the cool, edgier part of Manchester (so we fit right in…not!). It’s actually next to one of my favourite Lebanese restaurants, Zaytoon, but I’ll talk about that another time.

Anyway, there’s a lot of great restaurants in Chorlton. They’re often very understated and relaxed with great food. Hidden gems if you will.


We ordered a mixture of dishes, which were all amazing, and just shared them all.


To start we went for a couple of staples, seaweed salad..


and edamame beans.


Of course some vegetable gyoza because they’re my favourite. I order these everywhere I go (if they’re on the menu obvs).


and some crispy veggie spring rolls.


The restaurant was a little quiet but what it lacked in atmosphere we made up for in company!

DSC02149 DSC02154

For the main even we got a massive sushi platter served on a giant shell.


The sushi was sooo good.


Last but not least some very tasty vegetable udon noodles.

DSC02163 DSC02164

It was a small(ish) but delicious feast. We all left very happy, vowing to return and make it our regular sushi place.

After we headed to Strange Brew, a bar just next door for just one..maybe two…more drinks.


Once Mum gets hold of the camera, that’s it. Think I take a lot of pictures, she’s the Queen!


I’m not complaining, you end up with lots of funny, happy photos (a lot of awkward and blurred ones also, but I vet them out).

DSC02179DSC02180 DSC02181

The wine flowed and we chatted and chatted until closing time.

A Wednesday evening well spent. Happy hump day girls.


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