La Quincetteria

We booked a beautiful restaurant called La Quincaillerie for our last evening.

Formally an ironmonger store it was absolutely beautiful. There was a large clock at the end of the restaurant and ornate, wrought iron everywhere. It had an old school, classic feel about it.

As soon as we arrived the waiters apologised that they were running a little behind schedule so showed us to the oyster bar whilst they prepared our table.


My gorgeous dates for the evening..

DSC02881DSC02884 DSC02886

The restaurant was absolutely packed and as we waited we were given a glass of champagne.


The perfect time to cheers to our holiday!


As we sat at the oyster bar chatting away we were asked if we would like to try their special oysters of the day..


We couldn’t really refuse.


Okay, so, I’d never actually had an oyster before. The girls both had and after chickening out twice the girls talked me through it.

Third time lucky I knocked it back all in one.

DSC02910DSC02911 DSC02912DSC02913 DSC02914

Okay slightly melodramatic I know.

I did actually like it though. It was just like a salt-watery, slippery mussel. Yep I made that sound delicious, didn’t I!?

Once our table was ready we were shown through the busy restaurant, which had so many more rooms and galleries than we first thought.

The most beautiful meal followed.

We all started with French onion soup topped with cheesy croutons.


I have to say though, I think Mum’s is still the best!

For mains we all went for fish. Fran and I went for cod which was so delicious. It was so buttery and melted in your mouth.


Haze went for scallops which she said were also delicious.

DSC02921 DSC02925

We’d been people watching all night and, even though we were pretty full, we’d been ‘ooo’ing’ & ‘ahhing’ at everyone’s desserts, so when our time came we just couldn’t say no.

After changing our minds a million times we went for lemon meringue pie and pecan caramel ice cream.


Absolute winning combo.

DSC02926DSC02929 DSC02927

They were incredible and we were happy little piggies..


Well and truely stuffed we realised we were the last ones in the restaurant so it was probably time to head back. It was getting late and we were up early the next morning to catch our flight.


In the taxi back I could tell we were extremely happy but none of us couldn’t hide the little pang of sadness that our mini break was over. We had such a lovely time and have some amazing memories, but I just wasn’t ready for it to be over. Next time we want to make it over to Bruges because we’ve been told it’s even more beautiful (and we want Belgium waffles).

But for now, thank you for the incredible, spontaneous weekend Brussels. It was a lot of fun!


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