Eating & Drinking Our Way Through Brussels – Day 2

We had a very slow start to our Sunday. We had sore heads and it’s fair to say we felt a little bit worse for wear. The thing that would make us feel!


So off we went in search of brunch.

To say we had a nightmare would be the understatement of the century. Apparently you have to book brunch in Brussels (not something we usually have to do in Manchester). After getting turned away again and again and again our morale was low and we were very close to giving up and just going back to bed. We were desperate so when we came across a small little cafe with empty chairs we went for it. It was nothing fancy but it had bagels and tea and we knew that that would do the trick.

After we felt a little bit more human again we started planning the rest of our day, unsurprisingly it revolved around food. First off we had learnt our lesson so booked somewhere for dinner. Then we consulted what was left on our ‘to eat and drink in Brussels’ list and made that our aim for the day.


DSC02825 DSC02827

DSC02828 DSC02831DSC02832 DSC02817DSC02819 DSC02820

Our first stop was hot chocolate from the best place in town. So we’d been told that Frederic Blondeel was actually the best place but we wanted to actually sit down (princesses over here) so we headed across the road to a place just as good.

DSC02852 DSC02853

It really was amazing. Not just like a cup of melted chocolate but actually drinkable. Thick and rich, but not too rich. Sweet but not too sweet. You get the picture.


As far as I’m aware all the chocolate shops serve up their hot chocolate pretty simply as just hot chocolate. No whipped cream, marshmallows or coco powder. They just let the hot chocolate do the talking.


Next stop…doughnuts. Okay not quite a Brussels delicacy but we’d spied them on Instagram and thought they looked too good to miss.

DSC02850DSC02836DSC02837 DSC02839

We boxed up 3 and took them home to have later.

DSC02840 DSC02842DSC02848

After stocking up with doughnuts we headed to a bar for….


Belgian beer…durrr.

Hair of the dog ‘n’ all.


We’re not beer connoisseurs, so after careful consideration (googling all the different ones they had) we went for La Chouffe.

DSC02866 DSC02867

It went down very well!

We wanted to get waffles but it was getting late (meaning we wanted to nap and eat our doughnuts) and we had dinner reservations pretty soon so we headed back to our hostel and jumped into bed with our doughnuts and, you guessed it, Love Sick!


(^ White chocolate Biscoff doughnuts and a toffee Biscoff doughnut, I case you were wondering. Oh and they were uh-mazing).


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