Life is Beautiful

Where did I leave the last post? Watching Love Sick in bed. Well getting going again was tough. It took all I had to prize myself out of bed and to get ready for dinner.

I cannot tell you the amount of restaurants we looked up online before we came. However, we made the rookie mistake of not actually booking anywhere. This meant finding somewhere that wasn’t fully booked on a Saturday night proved to be a very hard task.

We finally stumbled upon a pretty, authentic looking, seafood kitchen, Le Pré-Salé, and even though we hadn’t come across it online we thought we might as well give it a go/we didn’t really have any other option!

DSC02732 DSC02725DSC02729 DSC02730

Turns out it was fate. Their speciality was mussels. Something we wanted to tick off our ‘to eat in Brussels’ list. Perfecto.

DSC02733 DSC02731

They had 6 different variations and we all went for different ones.

They came in massive pots with a side of frites.

DSC02736I kept mine classic with vin blanc.

Haze went Marinière (cream and garlic).


Fran went Provençale (tomatoes and garlic).

DSC02741 DSC02742

Showing us how it’s done….again..

DSC02746 DSC02747DSC02748

We quickly turned our pots into a mountain of empty shells and despite thinking there was no way we are going to manage to get through them all..we did!


After a delicious meal we were left feeling very happy about our little find. Feeling a lot more optimistic we went in search of a cocktail bar (a place we had also looked up but hadn’t booked..eeeek). This time we were in luck!

It was a cosy cocktail bar called Life is Beautiful, which had an extensive menu of unusual cocktails.

DSC02784DSC02765 DSC02758DSC02761

It felt like they took their cocktail making pretty seriously!

Which made for good cocktails.

Mine was effectively a zombie.

DSC02768DSC02769 DSC02774

I can’t remember what Haze and Fran went for..


What I do know is that Hazel’s came with a plant (!?)


Which she loved!

DSC02781DSC02783 DSC02785DSC02800

We found another little bar where we went for a bit of a dance before deciding it was time to hit the hay.


Cheers to the end of a wonderful day.



  1. March 30, 2017 / 7:57 pm

    That flaming drink looks delicious and so much fun!

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