Birthday Part 2

Breakfast was a leisurely affair with all my favourite things..watermelon, crumpets with strawberry jam and granola. After I’d opened the rest of my birthday cards the girls ushered me into my room, told me to get dressed and throw a bikini into a bag, we were going for a Spa day. I think I literally squealed in excitement. It was just what my tequila induced, sore head needed.

We drove to the beautiful Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

DSC02357 DSC02360

We made our way through to the spa and spent the next couple of hours dipping in and out of hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms.

It was pure bliss.

DSC02364 DSC02366DSC02370 DSC02371
DSC02375 DSC02376DSC02377 DSC02381DSC02383

After umming and ahhing we finally plucked up the courage to face the bucket of death..


A bucket of ice cold water to wake up the senses.

DSC02389 DSC02390
DSC02391 DSC02392
DSC02393 DSC02394
DSC02395DSC02426 DSC02428
DSC02430 DSC02432
DSC02437 DSC02411DSC02410 DSC02409

After feeling well and truely rejuvenated we got washed, dressed and headed to the Champagne bar for a bit of a tipple.


We sat in the library which was pretty cool


and ordered some bread and noodles to nibble on then sat back, relaxed and enjoyed!

DSC02458DSC02460 DSC02463

We made ourselves very at home chatting and planning exciting summer adventures.

We started getting a little bit too comfortable so decided it was time to make a move and head back home to begin preparations for that evening.

What a wonderful surprise, thank you so much girls! You really are the best.


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