New Beginnings

I am a massive fan of birthdays. Whether it’s mine or someone else’s, I’ll take it.

Its the perfect excuse to pop open a bottle of Prosecco, put on your highest heals and dance the night away. Not that you really need an excuse for that!

This year it all just seemed like a bit of a faff. A bit too much effort to organise anything. I was being a complete Debbie Downer about the whole thing.

Best friends to the rescue. They told me not to fear. They’d do all the planning. A surprise without the actual element of surprise. Anyway, I left the whole thing in their very capable hands and carried on failing at life with a piece of coursework that I’d left far to close to the deadline (will I ever learn?).

After a pretty full day at uni we were just about ready to celebrate.


My Mum and Dad came down to join us as did my then boyfriend* and my bestfriend from home.

*Unfortunately we are no longer together. He decided that I just wasn’t the one for him and although I am completely heartbroken I am a massive believer in fate and that everything happens for a reason. So I guess we’ll just have to see..


Anyway, I’ll try and keep things upbeat. We had a table booked at Restaurant Bar & Grill – a place we hadn’t tried in Manchester before. I love the one in Liverpool so I was pretty excited straight away.


^ Loving the group cheers photo hey Rich!

DSC02259DSC02262 DSC02263

We started with a cocktail before heading upstairs to the terrace where we were lead to a perfect table tucked away at the end.

DSC02266 DSC02269DSC02268 DSC02272 DSC02277DSC02274

The starters arrived and boy were they delicious!


Also, I should probably go ahead and apologise for the awful lighting in advance! We were sat under heaters to keep warm which meant all the pictures are a wonderful shade of red/pink/purple…


I can vouch for the perfectly buttery, juicy scallops,


Chargrilled asparagus with and perfectly gooey, poached egg and a generous dollop of hollandaise sauce.

DSC02283 DSC02303

and the tempura prawns with a sweet chilli dip.


All amazing but I’d say the scallops were the winner and probably my fave.

DSC02290 DSC02292DSC02294

For mains, half of the table went for the same catch…sashimi grade tuna. It was soo good.

DSC02307 DSC02304

The fries were the best. Maybe the best fries ever…bold statement.


Along with a side of pak choi, because well we can never leave a side of pak choi unordered.

Those who didn’t order tuna went for steak, monkfish or butternut squash and goats cheese tarts.


Everyone was so full from the amazing starters and mains they claimed they didn’t want any desserts. But hey, it was my birthday so I kinda felt like I should have one…..maybe two!

They came in the form of a gooey chocolate fondant and a Knickerbockerglory.


We couldn’t quite tell if the waiter was joking when he wished me a happy 18th birthday earlier on when he lead us to our table…but apparently not. 7 years ago maybe..

I guess I do have a pretty stella skincare routine, so I’ll take it!


Everyone dug in after deciding that they could squeeze a mouthful or two into their dessert stomach!

DSC02329 DSC02331

It was such a beautiful meal and I felt very lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful people who played such big roles in my life.


After finishing up and saying goodbye to my parents us young’ens headed downstairs to Panacea for a bit of a dance.


We danced into the early hours of the morning, until we’d had 1 tequila shot too many, and it was time for bed.

It was the start of many good things to come that weekend.


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