La Cantina

Okay so I know I said Val’s day was all about the gals but every girl knows there’s only one guy who will always be there no matter what..

Yep, her Dad.


He’s my guaranteed Valentine’s Day card, my Knight in shining armour and my biggest fan.

I’m pretty fortunate that even though I don’t live at home anymore my Dad works in Manchester a couple of days a week so we have weekly catchups over dinner. Luckily for me good old Val’s day fell on a day he was in Manchester so I was treated to dinner by my main man.

We decided to tried a new Spanish place in Didsbury. As far as I’m concerned Didsbury’s all good for Spanish tapas restaurants. Pinchjo’s in West Dids has my heart. But I’m always willing to give new ones a go.

DSC02084DSC02089DSC02081 DSC02087

We ordered a smorgasbord of dishes. As with all tapas restaurants the dishes come as and when they’re ready, but ours came basically all at once.


First up was the calamari which was so fresh and crispy.


Padron peppers, which I know, I know, I bang on about them allll the time, but they really are one of my favourite things and these ones were delicious!!


A couple of cuts of pork for Dad.


Chickpeas. Skip these, they were alright, nothing special.


The Patatas bravas were goooood, with a perfectly runny egg on top


which was delicious!


Savoury dishes polished off I fancied a little sweet bite to finish off with. After all, they had churros, and if churros are on the menu you can’t say no!

DSC02117 DSC02120

They were perfectly sweet and crispy with a generous dusting of sugar.


In the centre there was hot molten chocolate.


They were muy bueno!


In my eyes Pinchjo’s still has the edge but I’d come back here for the Padron peppers and churros (not together of course) any day of the week!


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