I love my guy but this February 14th there was a change in the air. This year it’s been all about the gals.

Introducing Galentine’s Day.


You might have seen it floating around social media and as much as I LOVE the girl power (and I really do) I think Valentine’s should really be a day about celebrating everyone you love in your life. Not only your significant other but your girlfriends, guyfriends, your Mum, your Dad, your get the picture!

Ideally you should remind everyone special in your life that you love them everyday, not just Valentine’s Day, but it’s so easy to get caught up in life you forget about the little things. The small, kind gestures, the cup of tea in the morning, the pleases and the thank you’s are actually the things which make everyday special.


I know some people absolutely loathe Val’s day and yes I get that the massive displays of PDA can be a bit sickening, but then again I think the world needs a little bit more love and kindness at the moment so why the hell not!

I’m very fortunate to have a few gals I just couldn’t live without. Excuse the sentiment but as you get older you really do learn the meaning of true friendship and you begin to realise that it’s all about quality not quantity. Once you find a good’en you must hold onto them and never let them go. Before long you will find yourself surrounded by people who lift you higher and they will become your little ‘tribe’. You know they will be there for you no matter what and I guess that really is true love.

Anyway, enough of the rambling and more about food..

We weren’t really planning on celebrating Galentine’s day it was more that we’d just been to the gym and we needed some food so I took my girls to one of my favourite places, Evelyn’s. It’s a cool, quirky little cafe/bar with lots of greenery and a killer of a menu.

DSC02034 DSC02033

Whilst Haze went for our new fave, a matcha latte, I kept things bright pink on the Val’s day theme with a beetroot latte.

DSC02039 DSC02035

It’s not too beetrooty and has a kick of ginger which makes it slightly spicy.

DSC02043 DSC02040It might sound a bit odd but honestly, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.


Food wise Haze and I went for chestnut mushrooms, spinach and poached eggs on toast with a dollop of hollandaise.

DSC02054DSC02053 DSC02051DSC02050

It was so unbelievably delicious with yolk porn that was out of this world.


I mean have you ever seen a darker, more orange yolk?


Fran went for porridge with hazelnuts and plums which was done just right.


We finished up with some unbelievably light, fluffy, buttermilk pancakes.


Just melt the honeycomb butter into the pancakes and you’re good to go.

DSC02073 DSC02075

They were demolished in no time at all! Even the waiter commenting on how quickly we’d wolfed them down. Hey, we don’t mess around!!

I love Evelyn’s just as much as I love these girls – which is saying something because I love them a lotta lot!

I also love this quote..


It should probably be a quote for life not just for Valentine’s Day.

Now, as far as Galentine’s Day goes…


Bring on the girl power.


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