Brunching at Federal

So it’s already February and I’ve only just finished putting up my pictures from Spain. I have in fact been back in Manchester for nearly a month, it’s just been a busy time.

However what better way to start the new year in Manchester than with a post from one of my favourite Brunch places in Manchester, Federal.


After a killer spin class Haze and I had our eyes (and hearts) set on Federal. On a Saturday this place is always jam packed. It’s pretty cosy (and by that I mean small) so there’ll be a queue out the door. The waiters and waitresses excuse themselves as they bustle around you clearing and serving tables, but be patient, your rumbling tummy will thank you in the end!


As we waited we perused the menu and toyed with the idea from swaying away from our usual favourites..unfortunately, as you’ll see, that didn’t happen (we’re creatures of habit) and we kept it basic bitches!

We did however try out their Matcha latte. I don’t drink coffee so I’ve always felt a bit left out when everyone else has cool coffee orders. Lattes, mochas and capachinos that come with pretty, impressive milk art on the top. Oh it’s a hard life!

Well no more.

*drumroll please*

Bring on the Matcha latte…


Okay so this is nothing new to most people and I guess I’m pretty late to the party…but better late than never, right!?

I got mine with almond milk and Haze had hers with normal milk. Neither of us were really sure what to expect. We’ve added Matcha powder to smoothies but never had it as tea.


After a crucial taste test our tastebuds adjusted and we decided it was a success.


I can now go to cool coffee shops and pretend to be the ultimate hipster as I sip on my Matcha latte!


Accompanying that we stuck to our good ol’ smashed avo with poached eggs on toast. I mean, come on, can you really beat it?


Ummmm eggs and avo, its a matcha made in heaven!


After a busy afternoon rush it quietened down a bit and the whole place just felt a little more calm.


After so much goodness in one morning we were feeling pretty virtuous and left with a spring in our step.

How much do we love Federal??

A latte!


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