Exploring Granada

We were up and out pretty early the next day, keen to make the most of our day exploring.

After filling up on a continental breakfast we checked out of our beautiful hotel and got going.


Granada really is beautiful.

DSC01315 DSC01316

It plays home to the very famous Alhambra. A very grand palace and fortress which is incredible. It’s truely beautiful and should be on everyones bucket list. I’ve been twice already but I’m always keen to accompany anyone who hasn’t been before.

Saying that even though my parents have also been to the Alhambra they didn’t actually venture into the middle of Granada, whereas smug little me had! Not often we go somewhere where I’ve been and they’ve not..the little jet setters that they are!

Anyway, I was by no means tour guide as Mum and Dad already knew the places they wanted to go.

Oh I must warn you in advance, there are a fair few pictures….good luck!


Granada has a huge amount of moorish influence, which really reminded me of the souks in Marrakesh (but far less chaotic).


Off the narrow, little streets are shops full of all sorts of treasures.


Teas, lanterns, rugs, incense…those sort of things.


If you follow the narrow streets you will occasionally find that they open out into various courtyards and squares. In one of these you will be greeted by Granada Cathedral.


It’s almost hidden in the depths of the city and you might not notice it until you actually manage to stumble upon it.


Inside it is absolutely stunning.


It’s incredibly vast, and well for something that didn’t look like much from the outside it was certainly something on the inside.


The giant pillars towered over us and we wandered round with our audio guides learning all about it’s history.

DSC01337 (1)DSC01334DSC01335DSC01340DSC01342

The chancel was my favourite part.


The design was so intricate and delicate with gold painted stars covering the dome.

DSC01347DSC01345DSC01348DSC01349 DSC01352DSC01346DSC01353DSC01362DSC01363

Everywhere we go Mum and I light candles for those who are no longer with us. We took it in turns to light a candle at every stop around the Cathedral.


DSC01371 DSC01372

When we finished our grand tour we emerged back into the fresh air our eyes adjusted to the light.


There was no grand square, we just out ourselves in a small street lined with bags & bags of different flavour teas and dried fruit.


We wandered the streets dipping in and out of churches. Some big and grand others small, but just as ornate..


After a bit of a walk we made it to a view point where we could look out over the city.


As we made our way back down we spotted The Alhambra in the distance.


So we followed it..


until the narrow street opened out into a big square with a prime view of The Alhambra perched on top of the hill.


We decided to stop and soak up the sun.

We grabbed ourselves a table and ordered Sangria and Paella.




After a leisurely lunch we reluctantly agreed it was time to leave. It was Epiphany so we had to get back to Nerja to see the Three Kings arrive.

We hopped in the car and as we drove out of the city we noticed a fresh coating of white on the Sierra Nevada mountains. They must have had a good snowfall overnight!!


Congrats for making it this far. We’ll leave it there and welcome the Three Kings in another day!


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