Hello 2017

I’m starting my new year in España.

I’ve joined my parents on their little holibobs for a week.

We spent my first day maxin’, relaxin’ and not really doing too much.

In the afternoon we went into town for a bit of a wander round and stopped off for some lunch.

DSC01002 DSC01005DSC01007

It’s lovely and warm in the sunshine but you need a coat for the shade.


Determined to make the most of the warm weather I insisted we sit outside so we went to Cochran’s which has a beautiful view over the Mediterranean sea.


I’ve commandeered  Mum’s Christmas present because it’s just beautiful..


after all, sharing is caring!

After lunch Mum told me to go and take a peak inside the church.

DSC01015DSC01016 DSC01018

They have a beautiful Nativity scene at the alter


and festive poinsettias everywhere you look.

The Spanish create these beautiful miniature town scenes.


You can make them as little or large as you like. Some are truely spectacular.


Scenes of Bethlehem all telling the story of baby Jesus.


After our wander we went back to our urbanisation to say goodbye to a few friends. Goodbye turned into a few drinks and by that time it was time for some more food.

Not overly hungry we went to Bar Redondo for a drink and some tapas.

DSC01054 DSC01058 DSC01059

It’s one of our favourites so naturally Mum knows Mario..


We ordered a bottle and when you order drinks you get free tapas.

DSC01077DSC01063 DSC01064DSC01067

It’s very good tapas!!!


We ordered some classic Spanish dishes. Tortilla patatas (Spanish omelette).


Mixed paella


croquettes, Manchego cheese and Serrano ham.


They all disappeared far too quickly so we decided to order another round of tapas which included meatballs.

DSC01075We chatted, bumped into old friends and people watched before paying our dues which came to a whopping €18!

Cheap and cheerful.

In town all the Christmas lights are still up. The Spaniards celebrate Christmas when the three kings arrive so Christmas hadn’t arrived when I got there.

DSC01083 DSC01086DSC01093DSC01094

It’s good to be back.


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