There’s No Place Like Home

I’m home for Christmas & I could not be happier. (Okay so I’ve been home for a while but no laptop ‘n’ all so lets just roll with it).

Since I’ve been back it’s been full steam ahead with Christmas preparations, seeing friends and last minute catch ups. But I guess that’s what Christmas is all about. In all the madness you are reminded how lucky you are to have people you care about.

My Auntie and Uncle were our next guests and Mum decided it was about time she introduced them to her absolute favourite place around here, The Cartford Inn.

It’s basically her second home. She’s a regular and and often jokes that she’s part of The Cartford family..which I guess she actually is.

DSC00606The Cartford is a beautiful little inn that overlooks The River Wyre and feels extra cosy around Christmas.

DSC00609DSC00610Mum and I stopped in at the Deli next door, TOTI (A Taste of the Inn) to get a last minute Christmas hamper, because who doesn’t love a good hamper!?


Inside it is a foodies dream.

DSC00598DSC00597 DSC00603DSC00600 DSC00601We left the hamper in Julie’s safe hands and joined the rest who had taken residence at the bar.


The place was bustling with people on Christmas do’s and were full of Christmas cheer.

DSC00611We had had nibbles and canapés before hand at home so skipped starters and went straight for mains.


I ordered the Salmon off the Specials board.


Salmon with samphire, potatoes and a champagne sauce. It was delicious.

One thing I will say is that The Inn is great for meat and fish, it’s something the Inn prides itself on. As for veggie stuff, there’s not so much choice unfortunately.

There were burgers smothered in cheese and chips, thick or thin your choice.

DSC00622Auntie Carol went for the Fleetwood seafood platter. Living near the sea means we are very lucky to be able to have fresh seafood almost everywhere.


Beautiful ladies.


Handsome chaps.

DSC00616We had such a wonderful evening, the kind that makes you feel all warm, fuzzy & happy inside.


Dorothy was right..there really is no place like home!


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