A Weekend in London

I’ve been without a laptop for 2 weeks so I haven’t been able to upload any pictures or blog properly. To be honest with it being Christmas I haven’t really missed it, but it now means that I’m going to have to backtrack a bit and put up a few pre Christmas adventures, even though we are well and truely post Christmas. Anyway, without further ado..

As soon as I finished for Christmas I was whisked off on a surprise trip.

It had all been kept hush hush by my boyfriend. Even my friends and family had guarded the secret very well with no one giving anything away.

All I knew was we were together for a few days. Whether that be in the back of the van, camping in the back of beyond, or a fancy hotel. I really couldn’t call it. Let’s face it, it could have been anything when it comes to my guy! Hey, he certainly keeps things exciting!!!

Haze and Fran packed my bag so I didn’t get any hints & start guessing. The day got closer & closer and I got more and more excited.

As it turned out I was spoilt absolutely rotten and whisked away to The Big Smoke. Not only that though. We had tickets booked to see the one, the only, The Lion King. It was incredible. I’m a big fan of the film anyway, but the way it was adapted for the stage was genius!!

We crammed as much into our trip as possible. We ate, drank, saw the sights, met up with friends, ate and drank some more and most of all just enjoyed being together..cringe, but true.


We stayed at the Meliá White House hotel. It was just a 10 minute walk from Euston train station and it was absolutely beautiful.


We had so much fun being tourists and exploring.


Possibly the worst, but also his favourite picture of the trip…


such a joker!


London at Christmas time is one of the best places, especially Oxford Street and Covent Garden oh and Harrods..okay just everywhere! You can’t leave without feeling anything but festive.DSC00579DSC00583 DSC00586

We came home exhausted after a whirlwind of a trip but very, very happy.

I am a lucky little one!


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