The Principal

Christmas is a stressful time and sometimes you just have to treat yourself..yano, to keep yourself sane ‘n’ all!!

As a pre Christmas hump day treat, Haze and got our hair prepped for the party final MOT before Christmas if you will. (It was basically a necessity).

Afterwards we skipped across the road for a drink.

The Palace hotel is looking so beautiful!!!

DSC00476It’s recently undergone a massive refurb and it’s pretty impressive – like a good face lift.

It’s changed its name to The Principal and has a new restaurant and bar called The Refuge. Inspired by it’s history, it’s kept it’s name to honour the fact when it first opened it used to be The Refuge Assurance Company Headquarters back in the 1890’s. It’s now run by Volta, there’s also one in Didsbury, and is beautiful.

The bar is feels classic and  old school.

DSC00472Whilst there is a secret fairytale garden in the glass house in the middle.

We took residence under the fairy lit, twinkling trees


and ordered a bottle of bubbly to celebrate…erm…our hair!?!

Any excuse!


There are plush, velvet sofas to sink into, giant marble tables and the floor tiles are what dreams are made of (is it weird that I notice that?)


They’ve got wifi and plug sockets for those who want to tap away on their laptops.

In such a beautiful place I could just tap away for hours. I guess it’s not quite what you think of when you think of an office, but sometimes they’re the best ones!

We chatted and chatted until it was time to leave our magical Winter garden


so we wandered back through the beautiful foyer of the Hotel.


Which looks incredibly Festive!


On a complete side note..I’m completely head over heals in love with my new boots so I thought I’d share them with you.

They’re not quite Givenchy but hey, they’re not bad!


Anyway, back to the main event, The Principle, I’m in love.

I’ll definitely be back! I’d love to have a nosey around the rooms so maybe I little staycation is in order?


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