Santa’s Grotto

It feels like every year the run up to Christmas is starting earlier and earlier. By the beginning of December most people I had spoken to had made a reasonable dent in their Christmas shopping lists and they were just sorting out their last few stocking fillers. Organised people I tell ya!

Well for those last little gifts, stocking fillers, Secret Santa presents Oklahoma has you covered.

DSC00269DSC00270Tucked away in the Northern Quarter is this gem of a treasure trove.

It’s looking beautifully festive with Christmas decorations galore.


There are classic, traditional ones..


as well as more fun ones..


Mum got so excited when she saw these lights..


as she said they reminded her of the decorations she had at home when she was younger!

We browsed and browsed and you just can’t help but pick everything up and have a play.


It is quite literally a toy shop for adults (better known as big kids!)


My favourite things that I got really excited about were the old school, retro games. You can’t help but feel so nostalgic!


Everyone remembers this ^ right!?


This ^ used to be one of my favourite games ever!!

I absolutely love these hilarious Famous Five books..


my Dad would definitely appreciate these!

I was in my element with these fun little stationary gifts.


I am a self confessed stationary nerd/addict. Paperchase is my heaven, I could spend hours and hours browsing in there!

I thought this would be a pretty cool gift for all those travellers out there or those office dwellers who secretly plan their next adventure whilst at work. Wanderlust is serious business after all. You could pin pictures of your travels in all the different places that you’ve been or even use it to plan your trip and mark out your route!


Do not fear, our furry friends have not been forgotten..


I can see Sue-Ellen spinning some festive tunes on this thing already!!


And well for those who aren’t holding out for a white Christmas..


Because lets face, it waking up to a sheet of glistening snow on Christmas morning might just be one of the best things ever!

With all that snow you need to feel warm and cosy so you can snuggle down beside the fire with a big mug of…




Take your pick!

In general, Oklahoma is just a fun little place.

DSC00294You really will find the perfect little something for everyone in here! My pictures haven’t even scratched the surface. But I’ll leave the rest for you to explore!

After our morning shopping we headed to the restaurant on the Second Floor of Harvey Nicks for some Brunch.

DSC00311 DSC00310

We ordered pots of peppermint tea


which came with the most delicious, bitesize mince pies (we went and bought some from the food court after they were that good).


Brunch wouldn’t really be brunch without eggs and Mum’s eggs Royale did not disappoint.


Who doesn’t love a bit of yolk porn?


Now for the real showstopper…


Shakshuka eggs – which I’d never actually had before but oh em gee! Life changing.


With hot sauce to pour and bread to dip there was not a morsel left!!

DSC00334DSC00335DSC00336 DSC00332

I think I could have this for breakfast everyday!


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