Spooktacular Walks

The rubbish Halloween pun/jokes/wordplay things will stop soon, I promise. But for now, you’ll have to put up with just one more post.

Now never in a million years did I ever think I would be saying that Bolton is a lovely place to go for a walk. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone from Bolton, but I didn’t. However I guess it’s like any place, it has its dodgy parts but it seems that it has some nice parts too. For the past two weekends this is where we’ve found ourselves. Bolton.

So another weekend another walk. If you were wondering where we’re getting these walks from then here is the walk we did last weekend..walk 1, and here is walk 2. We’re working our way through them.


It was pretty drizzly for the whole day so I didn’t bother getting my big camera out. Instead I’ve just put together a compilation from both mine and Hazel’s phones.

The start and end point was at a hotel and spa called The Last Drop Village.


We had a bit of a nosey round before heading into the fields.

14876666_10157781090810595_4092375390463450084_oIt was Halloween weekend and all the mist and fog made it seem just that little bit more eerie.

IMG_9181Even through the mist the colours of the trees were still amazing and vibrant though!!


The directions this time were sometimes like riddles, which kind of made it more fun – probably because we actually managed to go the right way. It may have been a very different story if we had actually got lost!

IMG_918014890379_10157781092610595_8366013782278558536_oThis time the friends we made were a bit more terrifying and rather ghostly…


Jumbles Country Park had a spooktacular event going on that evening so we saw everyone setting up for it. I’m not going to lie, we were slightly spooked out by it all in the day light so I’m sure it would have been so jumpy and frightening at night time!


Queen of the Castle..

We had some chocolate eyeballs on hand for when we got peckish.

IMG_9176IMG_9177 We arrived back at The Last Drop with the funniest sense of accomplishment. Slightly cold and wet through we checked ourselves into the spa and went for a relaxing swim, steam & sauna. Feeling back to life and thoroughly relaxed we got washed, dressed and headed to a nearby pub for dinner.


We went to the Hearth and Ram. A cute little pub that had an excellent reputation when it came to the food.

We ordered some olives and a cheese fondu to nibble on.


^ My gorgeous date for the evening!!

Followed by hake, prawns, mash and samphire for both of us.


The walk was so much fun. The fog & mist added to the atmosphere as did the ghosts and halloween decorations that were being set up in the woods for the spooky walk later that evening!! After a much needed relax and a delicious meal we headed back to Manchester ready to carry on the Halloween celebrations.


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