Spooky Screamings at Tattu

On Sunday evening the girls and I headed to Tattu for a bit of a different way to celebrate Halloween – a screening of the classic scary movie Halloween complete with a three course dinner and cocktails.

Now Fran hates scary films but we ensured her that it wasn’t going to be that scary and that she would have food to keep her distracted. A little apprehensive about our promises she cautiously went along with us.

We arrived fashionably early and grabbed ourselves a Skull Candy complete with dry ice…but no skull, slightly disappointing.

_DSC0966 (1)_DSC0967 (1)

We quickly let that slide and were mesmerised by the dry ice.

_DSC0968Both the restaurant and bar are amazing. The decor is incredible, the food is spectacular and it’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants in Manchester. It’s perfect for special occasions and if you want to make your experience a little bit more extra special then ask for a table under the Cherry Blossom tree!

We were shown through to our private screening room where there were half a dozen tables set up facing a big screen. I thought I’d seen the movie before but actually think I’ve seen the remake (which meant my promise to Fran was meaningless..but shh she didn’t know that)!


We started with a delicious Halloween cocktail..of course with dry ice. I can’t remember what was in it but it was very fruity and sweet. It tasted like pick ‘n’ mix in a drink – very appropriate trick or treat theme.


This time it was served in a giant glass skull so all was forgiven.

_DSC0975 (1)

We patiently waited whilst everyone else took their seats eager for the film to begin.

IMG_9168_DSC0976 (1)

Not too long after the film started we were presented with our starters – which were accompanied by some more dry ice.


Shitake Dumplings with sweet soy and water chestnut for me, which were amazing. Dim sum is one of my favourite things! The girls had a mixture of different flavour dumpings which they said were also amazing.


It was basically pitch black when we were eating so we couldn’t actually see our food – hence I couldn’t really see if the food was in the frame. Never mind. It all added to the experience.

_DSC0986 (1)Our waitress for the evening was so lovely. She managed to creep silently from table to table, clearing plates and making sure our drinks were topped up without making a peep or disturbing the film. Then she presented us with our mains. Mine, a chilli crusted tofu with a mint salad. I love tofu but I’m far to scared to cook it myself at home, I think it’s time I took the plunge and experimented with it a little. Any great recipes throw’em my way!

_DSC0988 (1)

The meat eaters in the room ate a spicy chicken noodle thing…so I’m told. Great description Chez. But they loved it and said it was tasty.

As the film was coming to a climax we were presented with a Halloween/Bonfire inspired dessert. A deconstructed constructed toffee apple dessert..


..which wouldn’t have been complete without dry ice!!


The film came to an end and we congratulated Fran that she had managed to survive!

_DSC0993 (1)

We finished our desserts and headed home well and truly in the Halloween spirit…

Pun intended.

Happy Halloween!!


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