Autumnal Walks

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year! It is just unbelievably pretty and the colours are amazing. Then again, ask me again in Spring and I’ll say that Spring is my favourite season. Anyway, there’s something about country walks in autumn when the leaves are changing, the air is crisp but the sun is still shining.

Sometimes I find living in a city can be a bit claustrophobic. Being a country girl at heart sometimes I find I just need to get away and be surrounded by nothing but rolling hills and  towering trees.

Keen to get a bit of space and escape Manchester for a day the girls & I found a walk online, jumped in the car and drove just outside the city to fill our lungs with cleaner, fresher air.

14715055_10157740648920595_127478105909401044_o_DSC0908Ready and raring to hike off into the woods we went..


Immediately the trees towered over us to form a canopy and we walked on a fiery path of red and orange crunchy leaves.


A red and orange leaf road if you will..


The amount of entertainment you can have from crunching leaves should never be underestimated!! You are NEVER too old to crunch leaves.


Everywhere looked so pretty so I couldn’t help but go a little bit snap happy! Luckily Fran is used to Haze and I stopping to take pictures of anything and everything so she didn’t seem to mind!


It also meant that nearly every other comment was on how pretty the trees looked (yes, this is a thing) or how amazing and vibrant the colours were.


We followed some make shift signs and with some great map reading skills by Haze we stayed firmly on track.

We even made some friends along the way.


There were some beautiful houses hidden amongst the fields and trees that looked like they were out of a Beatrix Potter book.


Then some which looked more like they belong in a Halloween movie…

_DSC0921^ Looks like a haunted house if I ever did see one!! However I can imagine if it was done up, it would be amazing! Grand Designs anyone?

We made it to a clearing and in the distance you could just about make out Manchester.

_DSC0933It almost looked like the sun was shining on Manchester which is a rarity!

It was such a peaceful contrast looking down on the city from up here.


Haze made even more friends..(of course)!


We walked and walked and just took in the fresh air.


Until we came to a pretty row of cottages.


I quite like the fact that you have to cross a stream to get to your house.


I wonder if the novelty would ever wear off?

They were all so picturesque.


It almost felt as though you could have been taken back in time though or you were in a model village of sorts.


We came to a cross roads and with the sky looking threatening so we opted for the shorter circuit walk but we’ve vowed to go back and do the long one soon.


Back through the woods we went..


We went back to Smithills Hall to grab a cuppa & a bite to eat but they had a bit of an afternoon rush on so we decided to head back to Manchester and go somewhere a little bit closer to home.


We eventually decided on The Woodstock in the hope it would be lovely and cosy. We ordered cups of tea and hearty food to get some feeling back into our fingers.


A random mix of crispy squid, sweet potato fries and mushrooms on toast for me.


It started to hit us how tired we actually were so instead of our crazy saturday night we had planned (by this I’m referring to the tame salsa party we planned to go to) we opted for a more chilled wine, homemade brownies and TV fest.

Oh what a perfect day if I do say so myself!


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