Brunch at The Garden

As I was sorting out some pictures on my laptop I came across a few from one of my favourite places. Although I know I’ll be going there again soon I thought I might as well share these with you and for now and pretend that I’m sat outside brunching again..not snuggled up in bed with a million layers on hiding from the cold.

First of all, a bit of a back story…

I’m all for healthy eating. About 6 years ago I discovered the world of health and fitness and I’ve never really looked back. It’s taken me a long time to really understand the true meaning of balance but I’m getting there.

_DSC0826I’m basically a vegetarian, it’s been a progression over many years. I just don’t eat meat (I’ve seen far too many documentaries to look at it in the same way). I occasionally still eat fish but no where near as much as I used to.

I used to be really funny about actually saying I was a veggie as I thought there was a lot of stigma attached to it. I’ve never been a fussy person when it came to food and my Mum and Dad really prided themselves on the fact that I would eat anything as a child…so I guess you could say they didn’t really see it coming.

I do completely get why some people hate labels. I hate the idea of someone telling me what I can and cannot eat. I feel like the health world is full of people with different views and sometimes very strong opinions who often slam others who don’t share their views. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s also full of lots of wonderful people who inspire me on a daily basis. However, at the end of the day you should eat whatever makes you feel good and appreciate that everyone’s different. Something that might make you feel amazing might be someone else’s idea of food hell or make them feel rubbish.

_DSC0803I’m not perfect, I don’t eat vegetables all day everyday and I love chocolate..and wine. However I guess you could say I’m one of these annoying people that finds exercise enjoyable and actually says quinoa the right way. Keen-WA if you were wondering.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland or boring and this place proves that, so health update over and welcome to The Garden.


This is the North’s answer to The Good Life down in London.


Sometimes I feel as though Manchester has a bit of catching up to do when it comes to healthy cafes and bars serving up amazing vegetarian and vegan food. I hear about a new place popping up in London every week. I would love it if the same could be true for Manchester.

Anyway The Garden does amazing, tasty and healthy food which doesn’t taste like cardboard. I feel like I could bring someone here who doesn’t care if the hollandaise sauce is dairy free or if there are plenty of vegan options on the menu and they would still think the food is OH-EM-GEE amazing!

I met Mum at the station and we went for brunch .

IMG_8947We sat outside making the most of the September sunshine and ordered almost identically.

Peppermint tea for both of us


and a Thrive Juice for me – pineapple, apple, carrot, lemon, ginger, turmeric & lucuma. A powerhouse of goodness.


Food wise we went for eggs..


Florentine with a side of avo for both of us.


A very good choice on both of our behalfs..


..not too much salt there hey Mum!! haha

Just a little bit of yolk porn for you all to enjoy..


Oooo yeah, sooooo good.


Inside there are loads of homemade cakes and goodies which you can take home with you. I haven’t tried any yet so I’ll be back soon with more of a winter edition…I’m thinking hot cacao, warming soup and maybe a slice of that banana bread!

It you want to try it for yourselves then you will find The Garden here in Hale. However they have just announced some very exciting news. They will be launching their very own pop-up stall in the food hall at Selfridges in the Trafford centre on the 1st November so be sure to go and check them out!


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