Heartbeat 2km

Mum’s been making such an effort to get into fighting fit shape this past year. To help keep her motivated she’s been going to exercise classes called Heartbeat. These classes are provided by our local health centre and are specifically aimed at people suffering with heart conditions or who have had heart surgery.

The opportunity came up for her to do a 2km fun run in support of Heartbeat. She’d never done a fun run before, really wanted to do it but was a bit apprehensive to do it on her own so signed us all up at the same time.

It become somewhat of a family event and anyone who knows my Dad will know that an opportunity to see him run (or do any form of exercise) should not be missed.


One bright and sunny Sunday morning Hazel, myself, Mum and Dad turned up at Avenham Park in Preston.




There had already been a 5Km and a 10Km that morning so there were lots of people milling around with their medals and surprisingly lots and lots of people waiting to do the 2Km (admittedly a lot of them kids, but ahh well). As we made our way down to the start line to get our numbers you could tell Mum was absolutely buzzing and so excited!



At the last minute Dad decided running was not for him and he would instead become chief photographer. I’m not going to lie, I was bitterly disappointed!

But no time to dwell, we were off!


I wish I knew how to embed or post a video onto here because we were documenting it all on snapchat and I have some great ones of us running!

Never mind, we’ll just have to make do with photos..


There was a killer of a hill at the beginning – which I thought was a bit mean, but then what goes up must come down. Not that that was much easier, we had to stop ourselves from tumbling down the hill!



As we came to the finish line it turned out that we had done our two laps in 14 minutes. Not bad going, if I do say so myself!


Whilst most people are ticking 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and marathons off their running lists I could not have been prouder of Mum.

I’m so glad we went back to support her and see how well she did!

We collected our medals and wore them proudly.



Whilst a 2Km may not be a big goal for the average person it was such a big goal for Mum and it was so, so amazing for her to achieve it only a year after her heart attack.

For the rest of the afternoon we had runners high and had a huge BBQ to celebrate..we desperately needed to refuel/any excuse for more food!

Haze and I have decided this is the beginning of our running careers…so watch this space!


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