Afternoon Tea at Northcote

In between coming back from the Isle of Man and going to Spain I had about a week and a half at home with Mum. One pretty wet September day Mum and I were sat twiddling our thumbs deciding what we should do.

We decided we’d go somewhere nice for lunch. (Food is probably going to be involved when it comes to us!) One decision made..onto the next question, where?

By the time we got ourselves in gear and decided where to go it was heading into late afternoon so we decided that afternoon tea was a bit more fitting.

_DSC0747 _DSC0748

We made our way to Northcote Manor.


I’d never been before, however Mum’s been for dinner. It’s a beautiful hotel with a Michelin Star restaurant. Nigel Haworth is the Chef Patron and for any fans of the The Great British Menu Lisa Goodwin-Allen is the executive head chef here. So it’s got a pretty good line up..and high expectations to live up to!

We perched ourselves by the window and ordered a glass of bubbly.

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Sandwiches, cakes and scones came beautifully presented on a step ladder.

The first tier of finger sandwiches were delicious. Wouldn’t say groundbreaking but all very tasty.


The magic was in the sweet things! They were to die for.

I started with the raspberry & custard choux bun simply because I thought this was the one that I would enjoy the least. Oh how I was wrong. It was uhhh-mazing.


A delicious spiced carrot cake – Fran you would have loved it, we’ll have to go back!!


Last but not least a gooey melt in the middle chocolate, caramel and peanut cake with a little macaron on top.


Still revelling in how delicious the cakes had been we had a bit of a break and ordered a pot of peppermint tea to go with our freshly baked scones


We laughed and giggled like partners in crime for the whole afternoon.


Two gigantic pots of tea later we were fit to burst.


We stayed until we thought we could just about move again then went back home, sprawled out on the sofa and watched Bake off!! Even more cake, but I love it!

Northcote is beautiful, they do cooking courses which I am very keen to try, the staff were lovely and attentive – the Chef came out whilst we were mid way through just to make sure everything was all okay and we were enjoying it, and the afternoon tea was definitely worth the trip so I think next time all the girls and I are at home I’m going to have to take them!


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