Beaches & the Inflatables

How much fun can you have with not one inflatable, but two!? Well it turns out, a lot!

After huffing and puffing until we were light headed, we proudly had a giant watermelon and a toucan. Instantly making beach days so much more fun.

Mum said it was like I was 7 again, getting so excited about inflatables.
20160823_164202Once the hard work was done it was time to go and test them out..20160823_164840We had ventured away from the ridiculously busy beaches on the Croisette to one in Juan les pins (which we found the other day) and Palm beach. Smaller, quieter and less crowded. Meaning plenty of opportunities to embarrass ourselves without the onlooking eyes of toooo many people._DSC0868_DSC0873It’s fair to say we provided entertainment for the whole beach as getting onto the toucan proved a lot more difficult than we had imagined! I’m pretty sure, between us, Dad and I swallowed an oceans worth of seawater.20160823_16505620160823_16520620160823_16514320160823_16515620160823_16540420160823_16581520160823_164856When you’re finally onboard it’s a pretty good sunbathing spot!20160824_14144620160824_141503Or maybe they’re just safer on dry land._DSC0864_DSC0865_DSC087220160823_183431Beach days are exhausting so we needed to refuel so one night we found a little pizzeria and went out for pizza and vino.20160823_20303820160827_230548_dsc0759hh_DSC0760_DSC0761_DSC0762_dsc0768hh_dsc0778hhMore days like this please!


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