The Perfumery

Keen to expand our horizons and make sure we saw everything the French Rivera had to offer, the Hughes’ went on a family road trip. We set off with Grasse in mind. A small town not far from Mougins, where we went for dinner on our first night. We’d never been and had heard it was quite pretty. So off we went._DSC0744_DSC0746_DSC0747_DSC0749We did know that it is renowned for perfumes. So knew there would be lots of things to see..and smell. Grasse has been making perfumes since the 19th century so institutions such as Fragonard and Molinard are well established.

We started our tour in the Fragonard Factory.


‘PERFUME – from the Latin fumum, which literally means “through the smoke” because perfume is first and foremost, divine. It was through the smoke generated by burning fragrant materials that men sent their prayers to heaven.’

20160822_13114120160822_131535All sorts of perfume plants are grown in Grasse, such as rose, jasmine and tuberose. Picking of the flowers begins in May and happens every day until mid-October._DSC0758_DSC0755_DSC0756_DSC0760We were shown old & new techniques of the perfume making process before we came out into a beautiful shop with rows upon rows of beautiful perfumes._DSC0761_DSC0766_DSC0771_DSC0773

_DSC0775_DSC0767_DSC0778_DSC0819There is also such a thing as the International Perfume Museum – which is actually huge! So we spent a couple of hours learning about the history of perfume. The Far East was actually the birthplace of perfume as it played a crucial role in religious and secular rites in Egypt._DSC0785_DSC0781_DSC0795This ^ greenhouse room smelt absolutely incredible. I cannot tell you! It was so, so fragrant._DSC0801_DSC0809_DSC0810_DSC0812You can’t beat a timeless classic…_DSC0814Million dollar question….big perfume bottles or a small Meg?_DSC0815After our senses could take no more we went in search of a bite to eat. We found a pretty little square, sat ourselves next to the fountain and ordered a carafe of Rosé. 20160822_14515420160822_14524020160822_14525020160822_14551320160822_145528We kept the food French with Moules frites.._DSC0831Croque-monsieur.._DSC0834_DSC0838and Salade niçoise._DSC083920160822_154232After awkwardly posing by the fountain we wandered back to the car with overhead misters keeping us cool._DSC0751_DSC0752After a lifetimes worth of knowledge about perfume we went in search for a beach to do a little bit of relaxation._DSC0816We found a little beach in Juan les Pins and whilst Mum had a siesta on the beach, Dad and I went exploring._DSC084620160827_15342720160822_17095820160822_17100820160827_153330In the distance you could just about make out the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc at the very tip.20160822_17091620160822_17092120160822_17010220160822_170123We stayed as long as we possibly could until we had no time left and we had to rush back & get ready for our evening plans – dinner followed by cocktails. Don’t worry, I have lots of pictures so I’ll tell you about that tomorrow!


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